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“Sugar” in the (medical) news again

Diabetes (“sugar”) is in the news again, but it isn’t “good” news. There are 60 million people living in the UK (I’d probably say...

Kids have a magical day out at PSC Family Day

Welfare institutions receive support for children under their care For the past 40 years the Pattaya Sports Club has been known for their dedication to...

Police summon activists to hear sedition charges

Bangkok (AP) — Thirteen Thai political activists have appeared at a Bangkok police station to answer a summons on sedition charges that critics say...

Thai, U.S. navies make port call at HHN shelters

Sailors from the U.S. and Thailand dropped in on two Human Help Network Thailand shelters to bring children there sporting goods to encourage exercise. Peter...

Pattaya council to consider limiting pet ownership

Pattaya has revived a 2016 push to limit the number of pets residents can own and mandate their registration. Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai chaired a...