One man’s opinion regarding military takeover



I am a farang (non Thai) living full time in Pattaya, Thailand. I support the 2014 military takeover of Thailand. I understand I am a foreigner in this country and although I have financially supported many Thai families, I will always be a foreigner in the eyes of Thai people. Sometimes this makes me sad because of my love for this country, but to be honest, this is how it should be.

If farangs stopped and thought a little, most would begin to think the same as I do. Every time I talk to a farang, they become angry with the government of their home country for selling them out to foreigners. They feel like second class citizens in their own country. The Thais do not feel as we do about their own government. They have fought for their country for a long time and unlike most other Asian countries, have managed to prevent Thailand from being ruled by a foreign country.

As I understand it, amongst many other corrupt doings, Thaksin began to sell some very large Thai companies to foreigners. Thaksin planned to become supreme power. I believe this would have been a disaster for Thailand as did many Thais. From what I have seen, the Thais have uncompromising love for their King. The people do not share the same political views, but they all share the same love for their King and why not. From the stories I have heard, he is a wonderful man and has undying love for his people. He is the longest serving monarch in history and now as he’s getting along in years, people fear for Thailand when his reign ends.

Over the years, Thaksin has bought off many Thais followers with programs like ‘easy financial loans’ to poor farmers. I have seen it in my home country of the past. Get people in debt, keep them there and you can maintain power over them. This is easy to achieve because most people will always take the easy option of borrowing money or living off the monster credit card. It seems tax evasion brought about the deportation of Thaksin so he simply arranged to maintain power through his sister, the now ousted Prime Minister.

Obviously, corruption has become a way of life in most countries and Thailand is no exception. I guess, as is with most things in life, there has to be certain tolerable boundaries and it seems that Thaksin and his ‘team’ has crossed those boundaries. From the information I have received, the various factions (will not mention names), could not come to a compromise and so for the well being of Thailand, the chief for defence had no option but to intervene and take control. All defence forces in Thailand support their King whole heartedly and I believe, as with other countries around the World who have a monarchy, should fight for their respective monarchy for the well being of that country.

I wonder how many farangs living in Thailand would support the demise of their respective monarchy in their home country. Very few, if any I would think. As a result of the factions within Thailand, I understand many people living in Thailand will find living difficult for a while and I sympathise with them. Thailand will receive financial hardships along with many people. However, the difficult and unpopular options need sometimes be taken for the betterment of that time in history and I believe this is one of those times.

I hope I am correct when I say, in time, Thailand will be the better for this temporary military takeover. I only wish a long time ago someone stood up to the government of my past home country, instead of sitting on our hands and letting that government slowly gain too much power through the daily passing of restrictive rules and regulations. I am only stating my opinion and I will stand corrected if someone can convince me otherwise. I hope I have not offended anyone by this report and everyone – have a nice day!

Charlie Cox