Not dumb enough to listen?



Re: Presidential snooping (PM Mailbag Friday, 28 June 2013) – Not dumb enough to listen? The National Security Agency has bugged the EU offices in Washington & its mission in the UN in New York & has hacked into the EU computer network. Also revealing a huge eavesdropping operation in Brussels from a building at NATO headquarters where 20 nations have offices. With as many as 500 million communications being monitored each month, the NSA claims, “We can attack the signals of most foreign & third rated countries And We DO.” Spokesperson for the EU is quoted as saying, “George Orwell is nothing by comparison”. Assange, Snowden & Manning are small fish by comparison to the US and will be hunted down and made to pay for telling what could be the truth. One is in jail, one is holed up in an embassy while Snowden has had his passport cancelled and is in Russia. Ecuador was in the process of assisting him until the US threatened them with political & trade sanctions if they did. The US justifies everything as being part of the fight against terrorism but the EU are not terrorists. Just goes to show “Might is Right”.

Aussie Bill

  • Kevin

    The EU are not terrorists but the Badar Meinhof operated inside Germany, Scotland released a convicted terrorist to get friendly oil deals. If you don’t think it goes both ways your world view is immature.

  • Kev, So now 2 wrongs make it right? Good thinking.
    And people put the Irish down.
    Niave would have been a much kinder word then

  • Everyone is doing it. ( Obama.)
    The UK is as much to blame as the US.
    The average citizen of both Countries wouldn’t know whats going on unless it was announced over the
    P/A system in Wallmart or Tesco.

  • Chris

    America snooping on the rest of the word and seeing nothing wrong with it at all because they feel that they are the bosses and the world must follow whatever they say.
    Watch out America China is coming!!!!!!!

  • The US has fallen a great way over my lifetime.With its bulling illegal tactics around the world. Which has become a far more dangerous place due entirely
    to their foreign policies,and aided by cowardly
    acolytes, not least the UK.
    Leighann (AU)