Not in the best interest



Re: Pattaya gets OK to demolish Big Buddha Hill shrine (PM August 12, 2016) – Very unfortunate! This is the Chinese inspired shrine downhill from the Big Buddha which I believed to be an act of international friendship and includes the “Kindnesses of Buddha” in hand carved, hand painted relief and a description in English, Thai and Chinese. A particular highlight is the architecture and statue of Confucius and his wisdom on an ordered society. This has been a worship site to many Thai Chinese people and contains the largest bell ever cast in Thailand in the Chinese manner. Will it be demolished to provide more parking for buses? To paraphrase Confucius: This is not a decision in the best interest of an ordered society.


  • Dana

    As a non-believer with equal contempt for all religions, I find myself agreeing with Robert.

  • Robert

    It is also a great place for a walk if you don’t want to be bothered to buy a bird to release en route to Big Buddha at the summit of the hill. And I agree that all religion is hokum, but beauty in architecture in Pattaya is a rare enough commodity.