No flood in Pak Chong



Re: 20 districts in Nakhon Ratchasima declared flood-disaster zones (PM Tuesday, 01 October 2013) – Hmm, I live in Pak Chong and have not seen any flooding. There are many small bridges – perhaps one was damaged due to some local flooding or runoff but there is certainly nothing interfering with all the main roadways.

M George

  • Patthamaporn Mc Ghie

    Beach River.
    Yesterday I went a walk to beach road,but it was flooded again,after it drained off, I noticed the new drains about 18 inches wide all along the length of the road.
    Far too small for the job that they were designed to do,namely to prevent the road flooding as it has been proved so far.
    My suggestion would be put much larger drains in and connect them directly to the sea at intervals along the road.
    The benefits will be faster draining, less flooding and basically no sand being washed away.
    Sai Thong Massage.