Night stalkers



I would like to thank City Hall for the changes they have recently made on Beach Road. The number one thoroughfare in Pattaya for tourists is now much cleaner and with no coaches blocking up the road it is a big improvement. In the daytime we can actually walk down and enjoy with family and friends once more.

Once the sun goes down, however, it becomes a different story. There are literally hundreds of ladies of the night (or some perhaps not ladies) selling their “wares” and accosting tourists along the beachfront promenade, stretching from Central Road junction all the way to Walking Street.

If the city authorities really wanted to make a big difference and clean up the Pattaya image, maybe they could do something about this issue.

Can anyone walk down Beach Road between 10 and 11 pm and actually count them all? I think it would be a Guinness world record for the most “courtesans” on one single road.


Name withheld

  • Don Aleman

    Some of us, including me, like seeing/chatting these ” Evening Blossoms “

    • Dana

      ” . . . most “courtesans” on one single road.”
      I think this is great. In the morning after spending time at the Internet place near Soi 10 I go next door to the Mini-Mart and fill up a bag with breakfast treats. Then I cross over Beach Road to the boardwalk and hand out breakfast items to the girls who started lining up at 7 a.m. By the time I get back to the A.A.Hotel the girls are happy, I am happy. and Fa is usually waiting for me.

  • Alan Charles

    Nice that some people, (alas not the write of the mailbag content) have a sense of humour
    These “ladies” do add a little color to the local scene, and in addition, do give something for the local police to do, even if its only to collect their bribes………

  • Chris

    Thai plod will never take appropriate action against these thieving ladyboys I don’t know why but maybe there is a bit of protection being paid in kind to the wonderful BIB.
    The solution is simple, round them up detain them during their most profitable time fine them 1000THB each then release them, repeat every night until they get the message that their thieving is not acceptable. If nothing else the fines would come to a tidy sum every day which could be put to good use on community projects etc. to help the elderly and poorer Thais of Pattaya