More swimming in the floods



Re: Controversial Beach Road widening begins (PM Friday, 12 April 2013) – Wait until the floods come in from the sea and won’t go away. Yes, removing trees will cause further floods and with no trees to drink the water will cause road erosion. Yes, make Pattaya smaller, no more fun, more swimming in the floods!

Michael M

  • “The Die is Cast.” The “Brain Drain ” team is out in full force today. 5 against 1 about the widening of Beach Road. Get used to it, City Hall has started the work and nothing you can say will stop the work going ahead. Do you expect them to lose face and stop? who knows what will happen when traffic turns into lower pattaya-tai .You only need to travel 150 yds and you can turn left ( into 4 lanes) turn right (into2 lanes) or go straight ahead (into 2 lanes) I haven’t been down there for some time but I remember Pattaya-thai outside the Bamboo Bar is more then 2 lanes. Over the last 20 years Beach road road has been dug up many times. Once when everything was finished they decided to lay cables under it and ripped some of it up.I carn’t remember how many times the Paving Stones have been changed on the pathway. Maybe things will work out ok with “clearways” If not you can always say “I told you so”

  • Dana

    All civilized societies eventually learn to leave the trees alone. Part of the problem is the ‘man’ thing–give a man a saw and he will cut down everything in sight. The only way to stop him is to shoot him.