More helpful people



The Pollution Solution Group would like to thank these two lovely people who took time from their holiday to help us remove dangers from Jomtien Beach, making it a safer place for children, sea life and the ocean. They also asked for some literature to share with others, which we give freely to whom ever ask for it.

We find that every day, there are Thais and farangs thanking us for what we do, some offering to take time out of their busy lives to help.

We remove dangers to make it safer for the voiceless, children, wildlife waterways, also watering, feeding and putting mange medicine on the homeless dogs.

Many people also offer their help by buying dog food or donating some baht to buy whatever is needed to continue making a difference. We are also educating the unknowing and asking the uncaring to please wake up.

Pattaya City Hall is very aware of what we do daily, and helps us in many ways.

We are all in this neighborhood together, let’s all please start taking care of it.

Thank you

The Pollution Solution Group

Gerry aka KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean