Messed up holiday in Pattaya



Do the people who make decisions in Pattaya realize that one of the highlights of Pattaya is being able to sit on the beach under umbrella, out of the sun?

Ok we can accept taking the umbrellas away for one day, but two days is crazy.

The beach chair vendors are expected to take their umbrellas and chairs away on Tuesday and bring them back Friday every week.

Perhaps the people making these silly decisions would like to help the deckchair vendors load and unload their chairs and umbrellas each week!

Simon, UK

  • Chris

    To be honest the deck chair vendors have brought this on themselves by continuously flouting the law and even offering violence to people wanting to use the beach but not rent a bed off them. I agree though that the ones being punished are in fact the tourists who want to use the beds. However as the Thai police have shown through their usual ineptitude that they would rather take a bung than do their job policing the beach I do not expect it will change.

    • David Meara

      I would not sit on any of their deck chairs after seeing hundreds of rats climbing all over them in the night and using the beach as a toilet along with the vendors who openly urinate there if they think they are not being watched.I watched one vendor peeling prawns while openly smoking a cigarette,he then handed them to one of the girls who took them to a customer to eat.

  • Don Aleman

    The government has been successful, street vendors, beach vendors partially or completely gone, hundreds out of a living, users cheated out of easy access to food/bev./lounges, and only the government ever really complained about them.

  • Petesie

    I agree with Chris in the fact that in punishing the vendors they are damaging tourism; managing the vendors operations would be a solution.