Making super rats


Dear Editor:

In your May 16 issue there is an article about the city wanting to exterminate rats. Poisoning rats is not only unspeakably cruel but it doesn’t have the desired effect. The rats who survive the poison become “super” rats who create generations of other “super” rats who are fertile and resistant to poison.

In all the years I’ve lived in Pattaya I have never heard anyone complain about the rats on Beach Road. Those tiny rats never bothered anyone. And if humans weren’t such slobs who leave their discarded food behind there wouldn’t be so many rats in the first place.

Eric Bahrt

  • sammy

    history repeats itself do nothing,then see what happens.

  • THis man is obsessed with his Ego.
    He walked away from his Crusade to save the Child Brides in Africa.
    Gave up on fixing the Stray Dog Problem.
    ” ” ” Turning us all into Vegans.
    ” ” ” Saving the Elephants.
    Now he is the “Champion of the Rodents”
    I don’t know if they are still there but there was
    a large Tree near the old Jetty wher every night
    The Mina Birds spent their Night and Shite all
    over the walkway.They could be his next Crusade.
    If they are gone now I’m sure Ekka will find something to get his 30 seconds of Fame.
    Quite often in the Bar I hear somecne say “What about that Bhart Guy He really is Clued up.
    (My hearing isn’t the best maybe they sait “Clueless.)