Looking for Vietnamese boy missing since 1978



Around December 22, 1978, 7 Vietnamese people left the island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam on a small boat. On their journey, they crossed over near the area of Songkhla, Thailand. After more than 5 days floating in the ocean, approximately about 50 miles away from seashore of Songkhla, the boat people were picked up and boarded by a Thai fishing boat which had the number #21 marked on it. The 7 Vietnamese boat people stayed on this boat for about 5 days until each of their fates was determined.

The Captain of the Thai fishing boat left with a 7-month old baby boy that was on board. The father of the boy survived and now is living in New York, USA. He is searching for his missing son. The father strongly believes the boy has been raised by the Thai family. The young boy may not be aware of his Vietnamese heritage or name. He is about 34 years old now. One distinctive trait he has, is on his right feet next to the pinky toe (the 3rd or 4th toe). This toe is slightly twisted. His birth name is Khai Truong.

Finding Khai has been a 30+ year endeavor and hope. Finding him will be a dream come true for his family. It would be a dream for his dad in New York to know he is alive and knows of us. Let’s keep hope alive – please spread the word.

A reward of $1,000 US dollars will be awarded for any information leading to Khai. For more information, please go to facebook.com and search for group “Hope for Khai”.

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