Irks and humors



It irks me and at the same time humors me to read the comments about whiners here in Pattaya, as though we are expected just sit idle and let things be.  Sorry, but when I see something that needs a nudge, I will not refrain from comment.

I see a lot of farangs here who I would bet heavily that they are here to re-invent themselves and have little or no connections from whence they came.  They pat themselves on the back because they accept all of the surrounding negatives with no complaint, and offer the suggestion to the rest of us to ‘go back home’ if we don’t like it.

Sorry, but I have lived here for 11 years, put 4 Thais through school (university too), have two homes (Grand Condotel & Surin), and grow J. rice.  I mention this only to show that I do have a vested interest here and feel every right to complain where deserved.

I did not leave a family (no divorce) or run from dis-satisfaction back home.  I came here to relax while writing my third book and met a lady, had a family, and chose to stay and see that their lives were improved.

I do also agree to expect a complete beautification and change would not be good: too expensive to do and our prices would soar; a little bit of rustic flaws add colour to this area; and it still has more than less to offer residents as well as tourists.

But when it comes to bribery to the road police, lousy TV, people dropping refuse anywhere they please, and headlines that say “no water problems here”, I DO take issue and let it be known.  I live here full time and do not need a three month visit back home or anywhere else to feel refreshed.  I still feel a bit amused and a bit angry to see many farangs here who refuse to learn the language, in a mad rush all of the time when they should be ‘jai yen yen’ – your house is not on fire and you are not that important to be going through red lights and racing down the road.

Hyde Parke