Hope is the dream of a soul awakened, arousing passion to achieve the impossible, enabling imagined fantasies to become actualized realities, learning to fly without wings. Hopeful determination involves daring to take risks, stepping out and keeping on trying no matter what and learning from disappointment while never abandoning resilient self-confidence, always being true to one’s inner self.

Every Sunday, I have enjoyed watching Thailand’s Got Talent, feeling heartfelt admiration and praise for the wide ranging sense of multiversity demonstrated by the uniquely gifted contestants. Each round, the most popular vote getters must reinvent their acts and expand the scope of their performance in order to advance. Thailand’s latest crowned “idol” will be richly rewarded. All 12 of the finalists, however, deserve to be called winners for the can do, will do images they have consistently conveyed with prideful dignity.

Those who have stopped hoping, dreaming and believing in themselves are resigned to a hopeless, dreamless, faithless world, convincing others to be satisfied with “leastness” rather than inspiring them to “muchness.” The producers are to be congratulated for helping to dispel biased stereotypes by emphasizing ability rather than disability, showing that negative defeatist attitudes are the limiting factor which can only be overcome with positive energy, respectful tolerance and enlightened mindsets. Chai-yo!

Dr. Chanchai Prasertson