Get a Thai drivers license



Re: Double pricing or 50 percent discount? (PM Hillary Friday, 19 April 2013) – Take the time out of 1 day to get a Thai drivers license if you intend to continue to spend time or live here. With your ducks in a row it can be done in a few hrs, if you start early. It’s also great form of I.D. & tells Thais you are committed to adapting to Thai culture & ways of life here, whether or not you drive, & offers discounts on many other things. Then you pay the same as Thai at all attractions.

Dill Pickles

  • John Nielson

    I agree. A Thai DL is easy to get. If you have a DL from your home country, all you really have to do is to pass a depth perception test and a reaction time test. You get the DL before you leave.

    One problem for many is that you have to show a visa that permits you to stay in Thailand (work, retiree, etc.). Visa runners on a tourist visa don’t qualify.

  • sevin

    The visa requires a 1 year non immigrant visa and also a residency permit from immigration. Not quite as easy as the this person suggests.

  • Andy

    Not true. I have lived in Thailand for 6 years now on a tourist visa, month on / month off because of work schedule, and there is no problem getting a DL on a tourist visa.

  • Freddy

    My Thai 5 year drivers licence expire on 25 July but I go Belgium on 13 June and come back in begin Sept, has somebody experience with this ? and what I have to do ? Thanks