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Re Ray’s mailbag letter about Fox news. Any TV news network that constantly has to tell you how it is giving you fair and balanced coverage is rather like a country with the word democratic in it. Normally the country is far from democratic and Fox news is certainly not fair or balanced. It’s extremely right wing in its views, and when it does occasionally have any good news to impart about Obama it manages to sneer its way through even that. Yet I find myself addicted to watching it because it makes me so mad. Sad to say many Americans actually think they are getting true unbiased news from Fox news, maybe that’s one of the reasons the country is in such a mess!

D Barrett

  • MC

    I do not agree with all the views on FOX, but neither do I agree with all the left wing politically correct attitudes of the BBC.

    So, the mess the UK is in is no problem to you?
    over a pound a litre for petrol that is taxed massively to pay for all the dole is no problem to you? Generations of families on the dole is no problem to you?

  • Al Ferron

    The US news media, including TV, were all liberal (supporting the Democrat party) until the arrival of FOX News. FNC has news shows (as opposed to opinion shows like O’Reilly and Hannity) which offer straightforward news, and some are hosted by liberals like Shep Smith, but the news is not slanted as it is on CNN, for example. And on the opinion shows, guests and contributors are identified by political affiliations – and normally, Fox will provide equal time to both or all sides, either in a debate format or in separate segments on the same show.

    Contrast that with CNN, for example, where guests are seldom identified by political affiliation but consistently support a big government – socialist agenda. You can always tell liberal because they will never admit they are liberal. The problem in the US with ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. is they push their opinions as straight news, without telling viewers that it’s opinion. Viewers who watch only these news outlets don’t even get all the news, especially if it doesn’t fit into the liberal agenda because they simply omit that sort of news.

    Give me Fox News anytime because they report all the news, and are not afraid to put anyone on the air and let them speak their piece – but usually provide some balance – this is why they are “fair and balanced”. Now if Sophon cable would only add Fox Business Network to its lineup, I would be very grateful.

  • Richard Rayburn

    CBS,NBC, and CNN lean way to the left.The election in November will determine whether President OBama’s is re-elected or not.I would bet not.But then I here in the states watching the price of food and fuel rising every week.I do watch Fox News because I like it and it does not sneer when it speaks of Obama.Only a liberal would complain about a TV show while watching it when they could turn it off or change the channel.

  • Jerry S

    I get Channel News Asia and Al Jazeera and find fair news from America. hmm:whining Brits about US news?