Enforce strict penalties on litter from boats and ships



I am from the UK and I come to Pattaya every year. I make it my second home and I enjoy fishing, especially out on the boat. Whilst I am out fishing I have noticed tonnes of litter and household waste floating in Pattaya Bay which is being thrown overboard. This is killing the marine life and putting an end to the fishing industry.

I feel that stricter penalties should come into force for those who do this. In the UK we do impose fines for fly tipping and leaving litter on our beaches, and it also may carry a prison sentence. I feel that the Thai government should enforce these penalties to try and keep the beaches litter free and keep marine life healthy.

Gary Albiston

  • Robert

    A little observed truth is that all of Chonburi province is not actually in the current flow of “The Gulf of Thailand.” The plastic etc. that you might observe could have originated in Ayutthaya or any point between there and where the currents take it from three rivers. It takes “the will” to change this and air quality problems in Thailand and so far, despite talk, I have seen no actual will to do anything. We came here to escape our home countries for things we dislike there. There are bound to be things we dislike here as well. Should you wish to organize a solution I imagine your hard work, money and time would be appreciated. Otherwise to escape this reality you can move to the south coast beyond the Navy yards. Below from Wickipedia:

    The Bay of Bangkok, also known as the Bight of Bangkok, is the northernmost part of the Gulf of Thailand, roughly extending from Hua Hin District to the west and Sattahip District to the east. Three of the major rivers of central Thailand empty into the bay – the Chao Phraya and its distributary Tha Chin, the Mae Klong and the Bang Pakong River.

    There are some islands off the eastern shores of the bay, like Ko Sichang, Ko Lan and Ko Phai.

    The water quality of the Bay of Bangkok is rated as “very poor” by the Pollution Control Department.