Dogs and beggars


Dear Editor;

For many months now, stray dogs full of fleas and ticks have come back into the Jomtien area invading streets and the beach. Up front, at the small lighthouse in Jomtien Beach Road at least 5 dogs are challenging the territory wandering along the beach, seeking food, fighting each other and using the sand as a personal bathroom, bothering tourists.

I heard heavy comments from a Swedish family while local people remain totally indifferent, giving food and therefore helping the dogs to remain around.

The beach owners don’t do anything, probably they believe in reincarnation!

This is an old story. The local authority is absent. Simply they do not care about the problem.

I haven’t finished. Every day a young girl carrying a baby in her arms is begging. I gave a few times some money but the girl, likely from Laos or Myanmar, is coming back to the beach every single day. Now this steadiness is becoming pretty annoying. The authority should intervene.

Kind Regards,

Concerned Farang

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