Defending Pattaya


Dear Editor;

Reading the recent copy of Pattaya Mail I would like to comment as under:

  1. Baht Busses – Soi Buakhao. I also read the news that the Pattaya Authorities were to stop Baht Busses travelling along Soi Buakhao, for some unknown reason, however, returning home from St. Nikolaus Church on Sukhumvit Road every Sunday morning, I walk down Central Road to the junction with Soi Buakhao and having had to wait for a couple of minutes a Baht Bus turns up and takes me to South Pattaya Road opposite Tuk Com.

I have had no problems taking this route and trust that whoever is in control leaves this route alone. Soi Buakhao is one of the busiest areas between South Pattaya Road and Central Road with all the businesses trying to eke out an honest living. Should the powers that be decide to implement their initial decision, what would happen along that busy road would be disastrous. Talk about trying to ruin an economy!

A friend told me that one could always hire a private Baht Bus but the cost would be ten times that of the current fare. Motorbike Taxi Drivers charge what they believe they can get away with and I have yet to see any motorbike taxi stand showing price list of routes.

  1. Daily Mirror/Sun Review of Pattaya. As an Englishman living here for over twenty years I have to confess to feeling safer in Pattaya than I would living back in England. Sure there are many places of entertainment here but it is much more appealing now than it was in 1996 and many Farangs come to visit to enjoy their vacations. The beaches are stunning, the Thai people very friendly and the prices are not all that bad compared to other ‘Tourist Destinations’ particularly in Europe.

I wonder how many people are aware that areas of England have actually legalised Prostitution, Birmingham for example where there is a specific ‘red light area’ for such activities. Manchester is a vibrant city where anything goes so I am led to believe and why the Mirror and Sun have decided to criticise Pattaya is beyond me. Gutter journalism indeed, typical of the now defunct ‘News of the World’.

Indicating that Pattaya is getting more like ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ is ridiculous as an article in the Pattaya Mail same issue indicated that Las Vegas was even worse than here. To the (sic) journalists writing about our home (I consider Pattaya my home) they should look at their own back doors first. Leave well alone and when I return back to UK for a short break I intend to write to both these papers giving a positive view of this lovely city.

Rodney G.