A complete load of rubbish



Re: Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says (PM May 5, 2017) – This is a complete load of rubbish. First the so called doctor says somtam is causing cancer. Because the raw fish in it may give you parasites which lead to liver cancer. That is from the raw fish not the somtam. Then out of the blue he says that cervical cancer, nothing to do with somtam is killing Thai women.

This is nothing more than a propaganda scare piece to get Thai woman afraid they will get cancer by eating the one food every Thai national eats daily. This propaganda is so evil because it is nothing more than a Big Pharma scare piece to get all Thai women and soon boys to take the HPV vaccine.

Big Pharma will stoop at nothing to maim and kill every person they can while getting the Thai Gov’t to pay for these poisonous shots. Attacking the main staple food source is just another example to their evil ways.


  • Dana

    Some Thai doctors think that Thai blood and foreigner blood is different. I live in fear of Thai medicine.