Complaining about TV



I’ve been wanting to comment on True Vision/True Sport 3, for a long time, and now is the time to do so. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with, ever. The ‘old’ movies are shown over and over; times and titles listed on the info bar are often wrong, and do not start on the hour like normal TV stations do. True Sport shows ‘a blank screen’ during short breaks on NFL football… maybe afraid a commercial 10,000 miles away might interfere with income from such. Blotting out smoking and weapons, like if we don’t see it, it does not exist… moronic kind of ‘ostrich’ thinking; the list goes on and on. So, you might ask why do I still subscribe. Well, there is still live sports that I would have to pay the same monthly cost as I would pay for a ticket, and that makes it OK with me. But I will not remain silent on this ‘rip-off’ to the viewers. As for the repeat cartoons, my kids don’t care, so be it. Lastly, if you do not think that the recent obnoxious bidding war will not end up with higher viewer cost, you are delusional.

Hyde Parke