Collect garbage at night, not midday



Many Thais and Farangs on Jomtien Beach ask the Pollution Solution Group daily, why don’t garbage collections take place around midnight, rather then midday or anytime after midnight and before 7 a.m.?

The smell, mess, eye-soar, dangers to children, traffic jamming of the garbage truck also with a very bad smell, is horrendous.

Restaurants in the area are losing customers.

This is an everyday event. If we could get people to call the call center 1337 and politely complain, we are sure this problem will be resolved sooner rather then later (hopefully).

The other problem is, many of the storm drains metal grades have rusted out and there are large holes in the gutter allowing objects, such as plastic bags, cups styrofoam, cans, bottles and other drain blocking things to enter, blocking the drain, backing up, flooding our homes, businesses, and streets with contaminated water.

We ask all to do our best to make a difference by either calling the call center, taking pictures, giving locations of 1. Over flowing dumpsters. and 2. Storm drain grades missing in the curb (gutter).

As always Pattaya Mail has assisted the Pollution Solution Group for many years. Informing their readers of good Samaritans Thai and Farang that help to remove beach trash, donate for dog and cat food also printing for us, some problems that need attention.

We want to wish all the employees of the number one local news paper, Pattaya Mail Hau’oli Lanui (Happy Holidays) and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)

The Pollution Solution Group

Gerry Rasmus aka KOTO