Cannot believe it



Re: Controversial Beach Road widening begins (PM Friday, 12 April 2013) – This is sad news! The lovely sidewalk will be destroyed. I cannot believe it. This is the best part of Pattaya. Maybe I never go to Pattaya again because of this. I often go down to the beach there when I visit Thailand and now the traffic will come even closer to the beach. This is really bad. I hope it is possible to find another solution for the traffic problem here. (From Norway)

Tom Evensen

  • Justin

    If they just eliminated ALL PARKING (and business in the street) it would sure help. Clean off the sidewalks of all vendors too. Require ALL new construction to provide parking for their business. Buy a few of the VACANT lots and make them PUBLIC parking areas. The police could walk the beat and ticket and tow anyone parked, and haul away any business attempting to infringe on the side walks…