Burapha Pattaya bike week moved



I am pleased that “long time resident Pattaya biker” is pointing out that Bike week has indeed moved to Silverlake. This move was necessitated at the very last minute and therefore arrangements, which are huge, had to be made quickly. Through close co-operation with our new colleagues at Silverlake and our established colleagues at City Hall and the police in Pattaya, Naklua and Sattahip we have sorted everything. Silverlake have been a dream to work with which has made this major operation so much easier.

As far as informing everybody, we did radio broadcasts one month ago after confirming Silverlake. In the past we start the publicity about two/three weeks before the event. Hoardings are on the Sukhumvit now, posters are up everywhere since 20th January and TV ads are constant along with radio interviews and updates.

The writer’s comment about GPS co-ordinates is well noted but the strange suggestion that without massive publicity of the move it “is very likely to cause major confusion – and result in many, many lost, and angry bikers,” rather underestimates the intelligence and resourcefulness of most bikers. Bikers communicate and as there are tens of thousands attending this event it is highly unlikely that anyone on the Sukhumvit will not get the message regardless of the giant hoardings, police presence and signs that we always put out on the day.

The event will be fabulous. We always wanted a venue like this. It will be Woodstock hopefully without the rain. Camping facilities are terrific, the air is fresh and clean and the spirit is peace and love. Come on your bike, bring the family in the car with hopefully little delay and experience the best free bike party in the world – said with no exaggeration.



  • Editor, Is this all we have from Mail Bag for another week?
    I am sure Walking Street will close down. All the girls will go home to their Villages and Falangs will cut short their Holiday.
    All because of a Bike Event of Massive Proportions.
    I am afraid Richie “It Dosn’t turn me On”.
    As exciting as watching grass grow.

  • Peter Ackermann

    Instead of talking so much you rather have said at which date this event takes place so that I know when I have not to go to Silverlake.

  • Dusty

    Strewth Bryan why shouldn’t there be a bike week once a year, you can still go and ogle in the walking street if that’s all that really turns you on!