Beginning of the end



Re: Expansion eyed for Jomtien boat ramp (PM January 15, 2017) – After they closed down the nightmare situation at Bali Hai pier in Pattaya a few months ago I have watched the madness come to this beautiful section of Jomtien Beach to a certain extent and to read this is quite sad.

“Following the demolition of the Bali Hai Pier boat ramp, the Soi 11 launch area has become the primary location for speedboats to enter and leave the sea.”

From a beautiful beach spot to a toxic and busy marina – what a shame but everything changes so enjoy what we still have for now but it’s much different than it was a few months ago – much different.

The beginning of the end for this area and beach.


  • Robert

    Yeah!, those darned people building roads…..if it were not for them no one would have come here. Change is inevitable unless you move into a planned community. Pattaya-Jomtien lack a uniform plan. You knew this when you came.

    • Dana

      I miss watching boatman at the Bali Hai boat ramp leaning over gas filled outboard motors smoking cigarettes.