Been a long time coming


Aloha Pattaya Mail;

For many years the Pollution Solution Group has been to Pattaya City Hall, talking with Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and others, leaving pictures of plugged up storm drains that were causing much of the flooding of contaminated water into homes, shops, and flooding roads.

Also putting information in all of the local papers, has finally struck a note. (Hoping we had something to do with it)

We now see for the first time in our 12 years, actual muck removers, men and women working very hard in dangerous, hot conditions, climbing into the contaminated storm drains, mucking out years of buildup, sand, dirt, garbage, rocks, filling trucks with tons of muck, that has been blocking much of the flow for years, causing most of the yearly flooding.

It appears they are doing a great job.

Regardless who started the wheels in motion, we here at TPSG are grateful, we should all be grateful, a tremendous move in the right direction.

The Pollution Solution Group

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean