Be careful what you tweet



Re: Presidential snooping (PM Mailbag Friday, 28 June 2013) – My best friend asked to use my computer. When he typed in his pin no he covered the keyboard with his hand. Thinking nothing about it at the time, I now look back and think if you can not trust your best friend then who can you trust? Obama’s answer to this breach of trust is: Everyone does it. That’s what NSA, CIA & other agencies are there for. A good diplomatic answer would have been: Sorry guys I didn’t know what my boys were up to. (We all know diplomats lie.) Not since Russia put the first man into space first has the US been so humbled.

Now they have Snowden in Russia. Without a passport they have the top hand. They can hand him over to the US to face a trumped up case of treason or grant him safe passage to a country that will not stand to be bullied. There are many South American countries who would like to play payback.

What will be Sweden’s answer if Assange is ever to face the trumped up charge of rape? (Rape? he refused to use a condom.) Bradley Manning’s fate is sealed already. Into the third week of what will be a 12 week trial the judges already are showing bias and this man’s next 40 years are already history. Which ever way it goes be careful what you tweet as, “Big Brother is looking.”

Sean Murphy