Bad experience


Dear Sir,

My name is Richard Hayler and I am sending you this email to share with you the worst experience in my life that has actually destroyed it as well. I hope you can pass it on to your readers hoping they will not be as naive and trustful as I was. I am shortening the full story as it would take up to much time.

I am an Australian and have been here for about 8 months. When in Australia I was recovering from a serious shoulder operation, I had met a man approx 18 months ago when I bought an investment property in Koh Samui. He was the boss so I was led to believe.

Anyway, he suggested I should come over here and recuperate and he would help me out as such. As I was alone in Australia I decided to sell everything up and make the move (what a mistake it has turned out to be).

When I arrived he got me a place to stay and arranged for my retirement visa. Several weeks past and I thought how good this is, but I realised that I couldn’t survive on my money without working of some kind. It was then he put forward a proposition to me, totally legal but with a loophole in which I could make a substantial profit. Needless to say I am now bankrupt. I have lost approx 1.5 million baht – not a lot you might think but it was all I had.

He was supposed to meet me in Australia 3 weeks ago with my money but didn’t show. All I got was a stack of sms from different phone numbers stating he was on the run; apparently this deal was not as legal as I was led to believe.

With what money I had left ($2000) I have come back as a friend called to say she spotted him still in Pattaya. I will never get my money back as I cannot prove he is involved as everything was done the way he suggested as I trusted him whole heartedly, what a fool am I. I fell in love with this country a long time before this happened and now must leave the people I have made good friends with because I have no avenue to stay here. I stress to all people to be fully aware of who they associate with before any trust is shown. I have made a deadly mistake, one which will change my life forever.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Hayler

  • Chris

    Sorry you got suckered, it could have happened to you in any country and of course you clearly did not know or chose to ignore the old maxim If it seems too good to be true it probably is to good to be true.