At least we have a working sewage system



Re: Beach Road traffic woes (PM Friday, 03 May 2013) – It did happen. As usual no one has a good word to say about City Hall. How would Pattaya stack up against a beautiful modern city like Dubai? A city with towering 5 star hotels and sky scrapers. A city of 1.1 million people. Everything shining and new. Well, Pattaya has one thing that Dubai hasn’t. It may not be the best in the world, but we have a working sewerage system. Dubai has no sewerage system. All sewerage is pumped into massive tankers and driven into the desert where the tankers line the highway for mile after mile and may take days to unload your load. Next time some brown muck is seen in the bay after flooding give a thought to City Hall who realise this city grew up faster then we planned but we didn’t leave you in the excrement.

Bryan Patricks