Add a consolidated bus terminal



Re: Transport Company to undergo major overhaul to compete with low-cost airlines (PM July 20, 2016) – How about they add a consolidated bus terminal? Here in Pattaya we have at least 4 different places that buses stop when coming from the north. Plus tourist buses park on the street anywhere they want. Why not have an overnight bus parking lot? It would make it easier for driving around at night

Bruce Everett

  • Don Aleman

    Why Bruce ? The same word could be applied to 104 other simple questions re Thailand indecisions. Because they don’t know the answers to : why, where, when, how, who, or even what ! Most answers to questions I pose are answered by either a wide eyed, deer in my headlights blank stare, or, ” Wat ” or, ” dunno “, followed by furious head scratching