Request for assistance

Friday, 06 September 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 36 By William Macey, Pattaya Sports Club
Due to the recent floods in the north of Thailand, there is an orphanage that is in desperate need of help. There are 60 children between the ages of 8…

7th Green Pattaya Cleaning Royal Cliff

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35
To celebrate her HM Queen Sirikit’s Birthday on the 12th of August, a Green Pattaya ‘surprise’ cleaning took place on Mother’s Day outside Royal Cliff Garden condominium, Pattaya, and Sheraton…

8th Green Pattaya Cleaning on Pattaya Beach

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35
Get Involved! The next Green Pattaya cleaning will take place on Saturday 14th September at the main Pattaya Beach. We invite you to take part in this big event. We…

Lightning strike destroys major LPG plant in Rayong

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35 By Patcharapol Panrak
A lightning strike at a Rayong liquid petroleum gas plant destroyed a major gas-separation facility, creating a nationwide fuel shortage for up to five months.
About 30 low-income renters and squatters heard how they might one day own their own homes from residents in Bangsaen and Trat who once faced the same difficulties.
The Sawang Rojthummasathan Foundation donated rice and dried food to 3,999 Sattahip-area residents as part of the organization’s annual ceremony to make merit for those who died without family members…
Chonburi legislators solicited public opinion on planned changes to zoning for karaoke bars and similar entrainment venues. Banglamung District Chief Sakchai Taengho chaired the Aug. 23 meeting attended by Sottapol…
Pattaya turns “white” for a day as city leaders wrap up a month-long program to bring students, parents and community members together to form tighter bonds.

Immigration Police visit Russian Convenience Center

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35 By Warunya Thongrod
Chonburi Immigration Police officials became the latest government representatives to call on the new Russian Convenience Center to ally the concerns of Pattaya’s fastest-growing tourist group.

Pattaya teachers trained on child-protection laws

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35 By Warunya Thongrod
More than 40 Pattaya teachers gained training on child-protection laws and how to detect abuse at a seminar run by the Hand to Hand Foundation and ECPAT International.
Pattaya Police officers were lectured against bribe taking and reminded of their duties at a meeting with top regional law-enforcement officials. Col. Suvichan Yankittikhun, deputy superintendent of Chonburi Police Station,…

Police tow away gang from ‘no parking’ scam

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35 By Boonlua Chatree
Four men impersonating Pattaya traffic police were arrested after a real officer thwarted their alleged plot to extort motorists out of illegal parking fees. Suriyan Khongdai, 29, Montree Khetjai, 30,…
Police weren’t laughing when they discovered three women selling balloons filled with nitrous oxide on Walking Street. Laksina Saensainaet, 17, Ratree Phatmod, 19, and Aphisra Suwaradee, 42, were taken into…
Chonburi and Banglamung police pursued tips from minor drug dealers to Issan where they captured five alleged members of a major methamphetamine ring and seized 24,000 ya ba tablets.

Doorman slashed outside Walking Street go-go bar

Friday, 30 August 2013 Issue Vol. XXI No. 35 By Boonlua Chatree
A Walking Street doorman was seriously injured after being slashed in the stomach by two Thai men. Kittirai Oikaem, 19, was in serious condition at Pattaya Memorial Hospital after the…
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