Police to set up checkpoints and “comfort areas” over New Year holiday

Friday, 28 December 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 52 By  Theerarak Suthathiwong

Highway police have set up checkpoints and “comfort areas” to promote safe driving and attempt to reduce the annual carnage during the long New Year holidays.

Highway Police Region 3 chief, Col. Wuthichart Luansukhant announced that although police may be lenient in handing out fines to transgressors, the main theme behind this year’s highway safety campaign is to educate people on the dangers of breaking the law.

Wuthichart said police will stop motorcyclists breaking rules, and may only hand out warnings and information on traffic safety for the lesser offenses.  In addition, those without helmets will be given one in some areas.

Police and helpers take to the streets to promote safe driving over the New Year holiday. Police and helpers take to the streets to promote safe driving over the New Year holiday.

Law enforcement’s education campaign will focus on urging people not to drive drunk and be sure to wear helmets, respect the speed limit, wear seat belts and carry their license.

Police will also set up rest stops offering coffee, drinks, cold cloths, and candy stimulants for free.

And as always, breathalyzers will be plentiful at checkpoints to take drunk drivers off the streets.

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  • Comment Link Saturday, 29 December 2012 22:07 posted by KARUNA KARA SWAIN , BHASKAR PETA , CHATRAPUR, ODISHA

    Better late than never ! First safety then journey .

    Slow and steady wins the race and lessens fuel consumption and saves environment and energy.

    drunken driving kills living .
    Today's one drop of alcohol drag another drop to drink next day , then another additional drop on next day , and so on and on ..... one day at last it would drag the drunker to heaven. BE AWARE !