Police raid home gun factory in Huay Yai

Friday, 08 August 2014 From Issue Vol. XXII No. 32 By  Boonlua Chatree

An Issan man apparently building his own private armory in a Huay Yai garage was arrested on weapons and drugs charges by Pattaya and provincial police.

Visibly high on marijuana, Chuachart Pengpan, 39, was placed into cuffs, laughing all the time, by officers July 29. Police said they caught him in the middle of making a gun.

Chuachart Pengpan seems happy to show police his methods for making guns and ammunition.Chuachart Pengpan seems happy to show police his methods for making guns and ammunition.

Police recovered a bevy of homemade weapons, including two .22 scoped rifles, two 9mm handguns and a .22 pistol. They also recovered 287 homemade bullets for eight different weapons.

The home gun shop also yielded a virtual warehouse of gun-making equipment and parts, including a number of barrels.

Chuachart was charged with illegally producing firearms, firearms possession, illegal possession of ammunition, possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamines.

Police said Chuachart explained that he loved to produce guns for his own possession and had no intention of selling them. As for the drugs, he said, they helped him concentrate and enjoy his work even more.

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