Pattaya residents given lesson in pollution control from Bangkok district

Friday, 06 April 2012 From Issue Vol. XX No. 14 By  Warunya Thongrod

About 700 Pattaya-area residents were shown how a Bangkok district has tackled its garbage and pollution problem and were encouraged to do the same.

Consultant Pisai Na Ayuthaya led the March 22 Pattaya City Hall seminar with bureaucrats from the Public Parks and Sanitation Office at the Bangkok Noi District Office illustrating waste management and control policies used there.

Consultant Pisai Na Ayuthaya leads the seminar about the Bangkok Noi Office study. Consultant Pisai Na Ayuthaya leads the seminar about the Bangkok Noi Office study.

The Bangkok Noi officials showed how district residents had taken the responsibility for keeping their area, which includes the Chao Phraya Canal, cleaner, reducing expenses for the district government. Locals there aggressively separated trash for recycling and used wet garbage to make organic fertilizer.

Bangkok Noi employee Nujree Cho-anchan said the district sees the importance of educating residents to become self-dependent, resulting in a cleaner community, lower sanitation expenses for government and extra revenue for locals who make money from recycling.

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  • Comment Link Saturday, 18 August 2012 00:45 posted by Dr. Sanjay Singhal (M.Sc. D.Phil. Environment)

    Want to study on liquid waste management in Pattaya City . Can I do this with your help ? Reaching on 21st. August 2012 at Pattaya. I have studied a lot on water pollution-sewage irrigation at Aligarh, UP, INDIA. Here sewage has become a problem , I want to compare this problem. Also want to know the sludge treatment at Pattaya. Can I get any help from your side ? Pi. inform at the earliest so as I can do as above.