Pattaya Air Park owner perishes in plane crash

Friday, 25 January 2013 From Issue Vol. XXI No. 4 By  Theerarak Suthathiwong

The owner of Pattaya Air Park was killed when the experimental plane he was flying crashed in Huay Yai.

Nawaporn “Neil” Sawaetwong, 55, sustained critical wounds and broken bones in the Jan. 12 crash in a tapioca field. He succumbed to his injuries at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

Nawaporn was test-flying a new two-seat plane he brought from England just two weeks ago. About 15 minutes after takeoff, the aircraft developed engine problems. Realizing he was going down, Nawaporn radioed friends his location.

The word “Experimental” can clearly be seen in the wreckage at the front of the crash.The word “Experimental” can clearly be seen in the wreckage at the front of the crash.

An experienced pilot, the owner of the private air strip had won numerous awards in royal flying competitions. He also had a long record of crashes. He was confined to a wheelchair seven months ago after his 16th accident of his career. The 17th proved fatal.

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    There are OLD pilots and there are BOLD pilots, but dammed few OLD BOLD pilots