Nong Plalai teacher injured in drive-by shooting

Friday, 28 February 2014 From Issue Vol. XXII No. 9 By  Theerarak Suthathiwong

A teacher was shot in the head by a bullet during a suspected random drive-by shooting in Nong Plalai.

Dusit Thunprasert, 26, was only grazed by the bullet during the Feb. 14 incident near the Papermill Transport Co. on Soi 1 in Nongket Yai. A fellow teacher passenger in the car was uninjured. Dusit was treated at Banglamung Hospital.

Dusit told police he was driving inebriated colleague Patcharee Bunchuay, 28, home from a teacher party they attended when she asked to pull over because she felt sick. When he did, a car passed by and he heard 4-5 loud cracking sounds and felt the bullet strike him.

Dusit Thunprasert points to where a bullet entered his car through the windshield.Dusit Thunprasert points to where a bullet entered his car through the windshield.

The bullets, in fact, flattened all four tires, with one going through the back seat.

Banglamung Police Superintendent Col. Thummanoon Mankhong dismissed theories the shooting was intentional, saying Dusit only recently moved to the area. He speculated troublemaking youths known to use guns in the area simply saw a parked car as an opportunity for violence. Area closed-circuit television cameras are being reviewed in the investigation.

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