Drunk civil-defense volunteer, 3 others arrested in Naklua

Friday, 18 October 2013 From Issue Vol. XXI No. 42 By  Boonlua Chatree

A drunk Pattaya Civil Defense Volunteer and three other men were arrested on weapons, drugs and other offenses after causing a late-night ruckus outside a Naklua karaoke bar.

Still in uniform, San Nongyai, 50, was apprehended around 1 a.m. Oct. 8 on Soi Potisan, he had a walkie-talked and an illegal weapon in a hip holster. Civil defense volunteers cannot legally possess weapons. Also taken into custody were the equally drunk and rowdy Naruebet Phothong, 20, Suchart Dapsifai, 20, and a 23-year-old identified only as “Shinwat.”

San Nongyai (standing) and his drunken “gang” (seated, background) have been charged with weapons, drugs and other offenses.San Nongyai (standing) and his drunken “gang” (seated, background) have been charged with weapons, drugs and other offenses.

Undercover police had approached the quartet after complaints from neighbors and officers said the men bragged they were not afraid of the police, with San claiming police couldn’t touch him as he was a civil-defense volunteer. They were wrong.

While San had a license to carry a walkie-talkie, the model he had on him differed from the license. The gun was also a fake, but had been illegally modified so it could shoot a 22-caliiber bullet. The now-former defense volunteer was charged with possession of an illegal weapon, an illegal walkie-talkie and various counts of drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

The other three failed drug tests and were charged with possession or use of a Class 1 narcotic, as well as creating a public nuisance.

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