BANGKOK, 17 July 2014  - Thailand’s foreign permanent secretary Sihasak Phuangketkeow extended a warm welcome to Vietnam’s deputy foreign minister Pham Quang Vinh on Thursday. 

BANGKOK, 18 July 2014 – The Department of Industrial Promotion is seeking to address the yearly problem of fruit oversupply during the July-August period by developing the agro-processing industry.

According to department director-general Anchaka Sibunrueang, types of fruit that will likely be oversupplied this year include longan, lychee, rambutan, durian and longgong. There is an oversupply of roughly 30,000 tons of fruit every year during the July-August period.

To address this issue, and to promote the policy of making Thailand a prominent supplier of food to the global market, the department is pushing ahead four measures. The measures involve application of research findings to improve on industrial practices, improvement of processing technology, development of accommodating personnel and provision of management support for the fruit processors.

About 2,000 sacks of rice have gone missing from a warehouse in Ayutthaya Province.

Upon inspection of Baan Praek Rice Storage in Baan Praek District of Ayutthaya, which houses 140,314 sacks of rice bran collected during the 2013-2014 season, government's rice inspectors found traces at the top of the rice stacks indicating that some sacks of rice had been moved.

Later on in the day, the inspecting team inspected PP&P Warehouse in Phachee District and found that 1,725 sacks, out of the 75,335 bags of 5% broken rice rice stored in the warehouse, were missing from the stockpile.

Five border areas will be developed as special economic development zones at the initial stage to boost Thailand’s border trade and prepare for the arrival of the ASEAN Community in late 2015. 

BANGKOK, 17 July 2014  -- Mr. Sumate Mahosot, the Director General of the Department of Employment, reports that the Embassy of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Thailand has issued notices to laborers who come to work illegally in Thailand to be aware of four issues. All Cambodian workers have to register at a One Stop Service Center in the Thai province where they work.

Five border areas will be developed as special economic development zones at the initial stage to boost Thailand’s border trade and prepare for the arrival of the ASEAN Community in late 2015. 

BANGKOK, 17 July 2014,  -The President of the Lottery Board has announced that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) will not renew the 43 million retail lottery ticket quota, saying the move is aimed at addressing the overpriced lottery tickets issue.

Mr. Somchai Sajjapong, the Customs Department Director General and President of the Lottery Board, told the media that the Deputy Chief of the NCPO’s Economic Affairs section, Gen. Chatchai Sarikanya, had signed an agreement not to renew the expired lottery retail contracts for 43 million tickets. The move is the next step in reorganizing the lottery retailing regulations after the enforcement of retailing at the minimum price.

A new allotment of tickets will be allocated to the new and existing retailers as of August 16th.

According to the Director General of the Customs Department, the allocation accounted for more than half of the nation’s lottery retailers, expressing his belief that the move would fairly and evenly distribute the tickets among the vendors. After this initiative, another reallocation would take place of the 72 million ticket quota that expires at the end of 2014 and in the middle of 2015 as well as for those previously allocated to various foundations, and major private companies, Mr. Somchai said.

The President of the Lottery Board also said that he would propose that the NCPO amend the lottery law to restructure the revenue proportions, citing the present 28% of lottery income that is returned as state income, the 60% which makes up the lottery rewards, and 12% of the lottery income that covers management expenses.

He pointed out that the restructuring may lead to new ticket pricing which could be in the range of 80-100 baht per ticket.

BANGKOK, 17 July 2014  –The Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) announced on Wednesday a scheme for exemption of portfolio guarantee fee for small- and medium-enterprises, to allow the SMEs easier access to funding.

Wanlop Techaphaibun, a director at the TCG's, announced a scheme that exempts small and medium enterprises from the portfolio guaranteeing fee for the entire one year after the issuing of the portfolio guarantee. The scheme will be available for a maximum of 55 billion baht worth of loans that have been issued since June 24. The fee waiver will only be applicable until December 31, 2015.

Meanwhile Thai Bankers' Association president Bunthak Wangcharoen expressed his belief that the measure would help lending growth to reach 8-10% in the latter half of 2014, after expanding by just 4-5% in the first half.

BURIRUM, 17 July 2014,  - Over a thousand chemical stores in Burirum have agreed to reduce the prices of chemical fertilizers, in accordance with the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO)'s cost cutting policies.

Upon the implementation of the discount scheme, farmers both from the province and the nearby areas have flocked to participating stores to buy fertilizer.

According to Deputy Burirum Governor Wittaya Chanchalong, the scheme has been well received by local fertilizer sellers and more than 1,000 of them are willing to price their products lower than the market price. Officials have designated an all-purpose lawn of the province’s Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives as the vending zone for the special goods.

The project is aimed at providing reasonably priced fertilizers to farmers, subsequently reducing the rice production costs for the 2014-2015 planting season.

The scheme forges a closer relationship among the locals as well, said the Deputy Governor.

BANGKOK, 16 July 2014 - The Ministry of Industry and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) is to set up committees with the aim of coordinating with the public sector more closely and efficiently. 

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