BANGKOK, 2 Dec 2014, Representatives of para rubber, sugarcane, and rice farmers met the Deputy Agriculture Minister in separate meetings to discuss the Government’s assistance measures for the sector. 

Tuesday, 02 December 2014 14:56

Security levels raised in Hat Yai

SONGKHLA, 2 December 2014 - Hat Yai police and other security units are providing 24 hour patrol around the city to prevent insurgent attacks.

Songkhla Police Commander Police Major General Ampol Buarubporn presided over the police deployment ceremony that marked the beginning of crisis control.

A troop of soldiers and territorial defense volunteers are also joining the police in safeguarding the tourist town of Hat Yai. They will search vehicles and suspected individuals at checkpoints located at every entry to the city.

The patrol shifts will provide 24-hour police presence on both the main and minor roads to prevent any insurgents reaching the city center undetected.

AYUTTHAYA, 30 November 2014  The Ayutthaya Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office is now checking entrepreneurs in the wood industry in an attempt to bring the illegal wood trade under control.

The Head of the Ayutthaya Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office (NREO) Surachai Ajolboon has revealed that government agencies have checked up on the 701 wood industry entrepreneurs in the province.

The check-up has shown that only about 100 entrepreneurs out of 701 have had their permit extended, while the rest claimed to in the gap phase to keep the permit valid.

The authorities have also found about 10,000 sheets of teak, 79 logs of Siamese Rosewood, and about 200 logs and processed wood held without proper authorization. Some companies were found to have reported a false wood list.

The Head of the Ayutthaya NREO said that the check-up is in accordance with the NCPO’s policy to tackle the illegal wood trade and forest crime.

He said that although Ayutthaya province does not have any forest or conservation areas, the province will strictly prosecute those who violate forest law, will improve the information management of the wood companies, and rehabilitate natural resources.

He also added that those who wanted to use a chainsaw should contact the Natural Resources and Environment Office for permission. The usage of a chainsaw without permission will result in 5 years imprisonment, up to 100,000 baht fine, or both, and the chainsaw will be seized.

BANGKOK, 30 Nov 2014  The Ministry of Industry has plans to send out caravans of discounted goods to nine locations in the capital city as part of the campaign to bring back happiness to Thai people.

The project is collaborative effort between the Federation of Thai Industries and the Ministry of Industry. It is expected to help save city people’ expenses and to boost consumption at the same time. Suppliers taking part in the project agreed to offer discounted prices on consumer products, such as rice, eggs, vegetable oil, and sugar, the prices of which will be lower than their actual price tags by up to 40 percent.

In each community, the Ministry of Industry will also launch other activities to forge ties among the people in each community, including an alms-offering and a get-together.

Aside from the caravans of cheap goods, the Ministry of Industry has also exempted 80,000 manufacturers from annual fees from October this year until September 2017, enabling them to save 300 million baht per year. The Ministry has also urged all industrial estates to launch special campaigns to bring happiness to people. Thirty-two industrial estates have agreed to join the project so far.

BANGKOK, 30 November 2014 - Thailand and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic are jointly developing the scientific-based data for an accurate weather forecasting system necessary for better water management.

BANGKOK, 30 November 2014 - The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) will meet with people in all regions nationwide, starting with the northeastern region late this month. The assembly's provincial tour is aimed at creating reconciliation and listening to opinions of the people.

2nd Vice President of the NLA Phirasak Phochit said the NLA members would be sent to many areas to meet with people from all walks of life at least once a week. From 27-29 December, they would travel to the northeastern provinces of Mukdahan and Bueang Kan, said Mr Phirasak.

The NLA members would also inform the people of their duty and responsibilities, which were to create national reconciliation and develop the country, the vice president added. He called on them to avoid protesting against the government and help bring Thailand to the 3rd phase of the government's road map.

BANGKOK- 1 Dec 2014,  The Organizing Committee for the Celebrations of His Majesty the King’s 87th Birthday Anniversary- December 5, 2014 has asked every government department to have an event celebrating this auspicious occasion nationwide. 

AYUTTHAYA, 1 Dec 2014,  The Marine Department has stepped up its measures to prevent encroachment on public waters after officials discovered several cases of the offense in the Chaophraya and the Pahsak Chonlasit Rivers.

Director of the Marine Department Region 2 office, Wilawan Siringampen, disclosed that her agency had adopted several measures to prevent the encroachment on public waters at the two rivers. The measures included having officials patrol the areas frequently, giving suggestions and warnings to the locals on the issue.

Aside from those measures, the department had also been improving the area’s maritime transportation quality by preventing further erosion, dredging canals, marking the route for ships, and installing CCTV cameras to monitor the areas.

According to Ms. Wilawan, there are presently about 10 cases of public waters encroachment pending in court.

BANGKOK, 1 December 2014 - The Deputy Prime minister in charge of legal affairs is planning to discuss with the National Council for Peace and Order about the cancellation of some of its existing orders.

Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, who oversees legal affairs, said that the National Legislative Assembly President and his deputies have so far performed a good job, particularly their control of many meetings while the NLA whip should also be commended for their responsibilities in laying down the structure of the assembly’s works.

Mr. Wissanu added that the NLA has deliberated more than 60 draft laws and already passed 30 of them during the past four months; however, there are over 300 drafts to work on.

The DPM hopes that the NLA will keep up with its good standards while in office in order to set a sustainably-good sample for future assembly.

He went on to say that, this week, the Cabinet is expected to discuss a recommendation for the NLA to consider passing a bill to annul some laws related to some orders of the NCPO, as the Cabinet does not have the power to do so.

BANGKOK, 1 December 2014 - The deputy premier in charge of legal affairs expects the next general election to take place in early 2016.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam, he believes the drafting of the new Constitution will likely be completed in September 2015, and three more months should be needed for the drafting of organic laws.

Mr. Wissanu expects the latter process to be underway from October to November 2015 in order for the Election Commission to work on the next poll, which should take place during February and March 2016.

When asked about the suggestion of the inclusion of political amnesty in the new charter, the DPM said that there is not any certainty in such an issue, as a pardon for corrupt individuals may lead members of the public to come out to show their opposition.

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