Thursday, 09 October 2014 15:19

Thai Hajj pilgrims ready to return to Thailand

BANGKOK, 9 October 2014 Thailand is ready to facilitate the return trip for Thai-Muslim pilgrims as today is the last day of Hajj. The first flight leaving Saudi Arabia for Thailand will begin tomorrow.

According to Associate Professor Dr. Isma-ae Alee, an adviser to the Hajj committee, the Department of Hajj Affairs has already organized a group of people in Mecca to facilitate the return trip for Thai pilgrims. They will be assured of their transportation to the airport and their identification papers.

Dr. Isma-ae Alee told their family members in Thailand to have confidence in the process. Their loved ones will return to Thailand safe and sound. Thai Airways has also already prepared 10 flights flying from Jeddah to Hat Yai International Airport and Narathiwas.

KRABI, 9 October 2014  Heavy rains have triggered flash floods in the tourist province of Krabi. At least 50 homes and many farm lands have been inundated.

According to the report, the runoff from the mountain has caused the water in the canals in Khao Panom district to overflow the banks. The floods have submerged a number of homes and up to 1,000 rai of farmland.

Several main roads in Pruteaw district have also been under the water half-a-meter deep. Local residents have to stay on higher grounds and survival bags, containing food and several items of necessity, have already been handed out.

Meanwhile, most of the area of Nuea Khlong district has been inundated as the water level in the canal has been rising quickly. At least 100 homes in 6 communities have been affected, and more than 3,000 rais of farmland are now under the water.

A team of 30 soldiers has been sent out to evacuate villagers who were unable to leave their homes. More assistance is expected to be dispatched in order to help evacuating the remaining residents affected by the flood.

Thursday, 09 October 2014 15:17

Surat Thani province affected by flooding

SURAT THANI, 9 October 2014  Floodwaters in Surat Thani province have continued to expand, affecting at least 500 households living near the flood’s vicinity.

At the Saisopa sub-district in Phra Saeng District, the water levels in nearby rivers and canals remain stable. However, runoffs from the north have continued to flow into the area.

Meanwhile, residents living in lowland areas of the province have been severely affected by floods as the water from the Ta Pi River has overflowed its banks and measured at 10.06 meters. As the river has overflowed, authorities are having difficulties trying to drain the water out to the sea.

The water level in some areas of the province measures over 1 meter deep, inundating 19 roads, more than 10,000 rai of farmland, and 60 fish farms. Authorities are assessing the situation and analyzing damage, as well as providing aid to the affected locals.

PHUKET, 9 October 2014  The Minister of Tourism and Sport has met with Phuket Governor on the preparations of 4th ASEAN Beach Games.

After the meeting, Tourism Minister Kobkarn Wattanawarangkura expressed her satisfaction on its preparation progress, especially on the fact that Phuket has invited the private sector and groups of local residents to participate in both the preparations and the operation of the famous games.

The event will be held at the world renowned island resort between November 14 to 23 this year. Ms Kobkarn hopes it will attract large numbers of tourists to Phuket and at the same time show the world Phuket's beauty natural resources and interesting local culture.

BANGKOK, 8 October 2014  The government is planning a big celebration for Thai athletes’ s achievements at recent international sporting events, with over a hundred million baht worth of cash awards to be presented to winners, medalists and their teams.

Minister of Tourism and Sports Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul said that the government has been excited with various achievements by Thai athletes who have recently contested in three international sporting events, and it is planning a celebration to show appreciation for their hard works.

Mrs. Kobkarn referred to the women football team that has made it to the final round of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup and five sports association’s winning of three gold medals, two silver meals and three bronze medals from the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanging, China.

The upcoming event is also being planned to mark the successes of 17 sports associations that have won 12 gold medals, seven silver medals and 28 bronze medals from the 2014 Asian Games, which was recently wrapped up in South Korea.

The minister added that, at the celebration, cash awards estimated at over 103 million baht will be presented to athletes, their coaches and associations involved in the winning of the medals.

Mrs. Kobkarn said that the event will be chaired by Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha and will likely take place on October 28 at Government House.

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:15

NLA members wish His Majesty a speedy recovery

BANGKOK, 8 October 2014 Members of the National Legislative Assembly have visited Siriraj Hospital to sign their names to express their wishes for His Majesty the King's speedy recovery.

Professor Phonphet Wichitchonlachai ( พรเพชร วิชิตชลชัย), Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) led the lawmakers on a visit to Siriraj Hospital to sign their names in the well-wishing book inside the 100 years Siriraj pavilion, which had been provided for the public by the Bureau of the Royal Household.

His Majesty the King was admitted to Siriraj Hospital on Friday, October 3, due to high fever, sepsis, blood pressure fluctuation and increased heart rate. On October 6, the Siriraj medical team determined that His Majesty's gallbladder was inflamed, and promptly conducted an endoscopic surgery to remove the organ.

According to announcements from the Bureau of the Royal Household, the surgery went well and His Majesty's post-surgery condition was satisfactory. Improvements were observed in His Majesty's heart rate. His blood pressure has also returned to normal and the fever has lessened.

The Siriraj medical team continues to administer antibiotics intravenously.

BANGKOK, 8 October 2014  The Irrigation Department has announced it will cease releasing water for the purpose of irrigating off-season rice paddies in the Chao Phraya basin, due to the very low amount of water reserve at present.

According to the department, rainfall in the 2014 rainy season has so far been lower than average. The situation is most apparent in the North and the Central regions, where the Chao Phraya basin is situated. Because there was less rain that usual, more than the usual amount of water had to be discharged from the reservoirs in the basin area to irrigate the in-season rice paddies. The combined amount of usable water at all four major dams in the Chao Phraya basin is expected to stand at only 6.5 billion cubic meters by November 1, said the Department.

Due to the need to reserve this amount of water for consumption, maintaining the ecosystem, averting acute water shortage and for other purposes, the Irrigation Department will from now on until April 30, 2015 stop discharging water to irrigate off-season rice paddies in the Chao Phraya basin

BANGKOK, 8 October 2014  The cabinet has resolved to ban political office holders from taking the positions of board members at state agencies, in order to prevent corruption.

The Cabinet and the National Council for Peace and Order engaged in their first official meeting on Tuesday, which was chaired by the prime minister and the chief of the NCPO, General Prayut Chan-o-cha. After the 5-hour meeting, Gen. Prayut told reporters the meeting sought to foster clarity and progress in collaborative affairs between the government and the NCPO. He also asked all sectors to give the government the time it needs to move the country forward. The prime minister also asserted martial law will remain in place for now.

Also on Tuesday, the cabinet ministers endorsed, in principle, a ban on political office holders holding advisory positions or member of the board position at state agencies, state enterprises, or public organizations. An exception was made for the director posts at various organizations that needed to be taken by representatives of the state.

CHANTHABURI, 8 October 2014  The eastern seaboard province of Chanthaburi has kicked off its annual eco tourism festival on Tuesday.

The festival dubbed "11th Green Tidal Crab and Habitat Festival" has been kicked off in Khlung district to attract marine life enthusiasts to visit communities located in the Wayru river's mangrove area.

At this time of the year, millions of Green Tidal crabs come out and swim along the waterways to find their food and also to mate. The province has also held a trade fair to introduce local food and other products to tourists. The festival will last until October 13.

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 14:10

Lamphun holds midnight alms-offering

LAMPHUN, 8 October 2014 A large number of Buddhists in the northern province of Lamphun have joined a midnight alms offering ceremony to pay respect to one of the sacred monks in the Buddhist legend.

At the midnight of Oct 7, Deputy governor Supachai Iamsuwan led local officials and residents to offer food and monastic necessities to over 100 Buddhist monks at Wat Phra Mathat Hariphunchai in the heart of the city to celebrate Peng Pud occasion.

‘Peng Pud’ or the full moon Wednesday is a traditional Lanna belief. The day Phra Uppakut, one of the key holy monks in the past, comes up from his under-the-sea abode at pre-dawn to receive alms and bless people on earth. It’s believed that when ones give alms on the day, they will not only become blessed, but also become rich.

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