BANGKOK, 8 Dec 2014, The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) has said the nation’s garment exports will grow significantly next year.

Vice President of the FTI and Advisor of the Thai Garment Manufacturers Association Wallop Wittanakorn attributed the predicted growth to the recovering U.S. economy.

The US recovery will likely lead to the nation's placing more garment orders from Thailand, offsetting the declining demand from Japan, according to Mr.Wallop, adding that demands from South Korea and Hong Kong would also increase on-year. However, exports to the EU might take a dip thanks to the expired Generalised System of Preferences(GSP), which reverts the reduced export tax of 2.4% back to 12%.

The FTI Vice President also predicted that women's dress shirts, shirts with environmental messages printed on, highly ventilated clothing, and clothes made from recycle materials would be in trend next year.

BANGKOK, 8 Dec 2014,  Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is ready to attend the 5th Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Summit on December 19th - 20th.

The conference, which will be hosted by Thailand this time, aims at discussing cooperation and developing the potentials of the GMS member nations.

According to Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary, Seehasak Puangketkeaw, the summit will be held at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok, adding that cooperation among the member countries, especially creating network among their people, tops the meeting agenda.

He said the discussion would also focus on the construction of the routes linking the North and the South to the East and the West, the improvement of Routes number 8-12 as well as the R3A to better facilitate the growing economy in the sub-region.

Mr. Seehasak added that the conference might also bring up the issue of logistic codes revision in order to establish a One-Stop- Inspection service to simplify customs clearance procedures.

BANGKOK, 8 December 2014 - His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn was yesterday (7 Dec) designated by His Majesty the King to preside over the Ceremony of Fastening of Nails to the Colors, at the Chapel Royal inside the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace.

The ceremony was witnessed by the Minister of Defence, the Permanent Secretary for Defence, the Supreme Commander, the Commanders-in-Chief of the Three Armed Forces, among others.

At the ceremomy, His Royal Highness carefully put His Majesty the King’s hair into a small case affixed to the top of each flag pole and then hammered the nails into the staff. The Colors or Chai Chalermphon Flag is a symbol of victory of each military unit. For them, it represents the nation, the religion and the monarchy. The tri-color flag itself means the Nation while the King’s hair and a little Buddha image encased atop each flag pole represent the monarchy and the religion respectively.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince then proceeded to Sahathai Samakhom Pavilion, also in the Grand Palace, where he deputized for His Majesty the King at the Royal Presentation of the Colors to military units. A total of 63 units from the three armed forces received their respective Colors, after which they took the Oath of Allegiance to the Colors, led by the Minister of Defence.

The Chai Chalermphon Flag is considered by military personnel as the most sacred and highly revered object as it is created and given to them by the King. In time of war, the troops must protect the flag with their lives. It is today the tradition for all members of the armed forces, both commissioned and non-commissioned, to take an oath to the Colors before assuming their posts.

Whenever the flag is in a deteriorating condition or there is a new military unit set up, the Royal Thai Armed Forces’ Headquarters will report the matter to His Majesty so that he will kindly grant his hair for the Ceremony of Affixing the Colors to the Staff and also to preside over the Ceremony of the Royal presentation of the Colors.

BANGKOK, 5 December 2014  The National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is scheduled to hold a meeting on 15th December 2014 to discuss a possibility of changing the renewable energy payment mechanism from Adder rates to Feed-In Tariff scheme, known as FIT.

Permanent Secretary for Energy Areepong Bhoocha-oom revealed the change is still under consideration if it is the most appropriate scheme for Thailand.

Apart from the FIT issue, the meeting will also discuss the progress of the drafting of the long-term Power Development Plan (PDP). The 20-year plan is expected to be completed next year, with the final public hearing to be conducted in February 2015.

Also, the ministry has set a goal to step up power generation from solid waste, by producing up to 600 megawatts of electricity, instead of less than 100 megawatts at present, said Mr. Areepong.

Moreover, the ministry will encourage the use of renewable energy in Thailand to no less than 25%. If successful, the measures will result in smaller proportion of energy imports and less dependence on domestic energy sources.

However, he said, all the measures will be launched carefully in order to prevent adverse impacts on electricity bills among householders.

Saturday, 06 December 2014 14:20

BOI reveals new investment plan

BANGKOK, 5 December 2014 - The Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) has revealed the new investment promoting strategy complying with the government’s economic policies. 

Saturday, 06 December 2014 14:18

HM King celebrations to be held in Europe

LAUSANNE, 5 December 2014  – Thai people in Europe and the City of Lausanne are to hold the ‘King of Hearts’ event as tribute to His Majesty the King of Thailand tomorrow.

CHIANG MAI, 5 December 2014 - Chiang Mai has been voted as the ‘Best Destination for Festivals’ by readers of the world renowned magazine, Lonely Planet Traveller. The award presenting ceremony was held in Bangkok last month.

BANGKOK, 6 December 2014 The Land Transport Department, in collaboration with taxi drivers and taxi radio operators, hosted an event to commemorate His Majesty the King's birthday anniversary on December 5, with participating taxi drivers vowing not to turn down any passengers, as a tribute to His Majesty.

In addition to taxi drivers, Friday's event in Bangkok was attended by tuk tuk drivers, drivers of for-hire vehicles and road safety volunteers. Balloons were released as a procession of taxis decorated with flowers, the national flag and the royal flag made its way around the event's venue. Taxi drivers then made a pledge before the image of His Majesty the King, vowing to be good taxi drivers and to never turn down passengers.

Six taxi drivers, selected by traffic radio stations, were awarded at the event for their distinguished good deeds. In addition, 87 scholarships for the support of taxi drivers' children's education were handed out.

BANGKOK, 6 December 2014 - The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) has indicated that the assistance money scheme for rice growers is about halfway complete, with 2.25 million rice growers having already been paid.

Supat Eauchai, executive vice president of the BAAC, revealed that the bank is currently making payments to about 100,000 rice growers per day, and is disbursing about 1.2 billion baht per day under the scheme. Up until Thursday, 23.8 billion baht has been paid to 2.25 million eligible rice growers. He said the payment is about halfway done and almost all farmers will likely be paid by December 20, although this would not be the case for the South because the planting season arrives later than in other regions.

A total of 3.49 million rice growers are to be paid under the assistance scheme that provides eligible farmers with 1,000 baht of cash per rai of paddy they work on, up to a maximum of 15,000 baht per receiver.

Saturday, 06 December 2014 14:13

Samutprakan arrests informal loan sharks

SAMUTPRAKAN, 6 Dec 2014,  Police officers in Samutprakan have arrested several loan sharks, who confessed to have been in the illegal business for 3 months.

Bangsaothong (บางเสาธง) Police and the local military yesterday arrested Wirat Payungton (วิรัตน์ พยุงตน) and 6 others, seizing a list of debtors, 16,930 baht in cash, 10 bank passbooks, with at least 1 million baht of circulating funds , mobile phones and 7 motorbikes.

The 7 men have been arrested in a house in Bangsaothong Sub-district after their neighbors complained to the local police that they were making loud noises, gathering to engage in suspicious activities. Upon arrival, the authorities discovered that the men, including one minor, were under the influence of alcohol, and that the house contained proofs that they worked for loan sharks.

Mr. Wirat admitted to have headed the operation of his network of informal loan service gang operating in the area of Bangsaothong District and nearby areas. The gang comprise members of his relatives .

Mr. Wirat and the others are paid 5,000 baht per month each. They have been in business for at least 3 months, said the police.

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