SURIN, 27 February 2015 - Surin Province has stepped up hygiene of public toilets by assigning provincial authorities to keep toilets in government offices, tourist attractions and crowded public places clean.

The assignment was made in response to complaints made to the Ministry of Interior about the dirtiness of public toilets in general. The Ministry therefore issued orders to all provinces to look after the cleanliness of public toilets in bus stations, governmental offices, public parks, tourist attractions.

Saturday, 28 February 2015 11:51

Phuket launches drug rehab camp

PHUKET, 27 February 2015 - The narcotics control operation center of Phuket has opened a behavior-change drug rehabilitation camp in response to the government’s drug combat policy.

The program was launched in line with the second strategy of the government’s narcotics control policy which is aimed at reducing the number of drug addicts. Those who are able to take part in the program must register for the rehab on a voluntary basis.

The participants, who number around 100, mainly consist of drug users who were captured by security or administrative agencies. Twenty eight of them are Phuket residents while the rest are from other provinces.

The 14-day program is divided into two parts. The first part, which takes nine days, focuses on behavioral changes of the drug addicts. The latter one provides them with vocational training.

SAMUT SAKHON, 27 February 2015 -  The Vice-President of Myanmar observed Samut Sakhon Province's healthcare services management of Thai and foreign nationals.

The Vice-President of Myanmar Sai Mauk Kham today visited the Samut Sakhon hospital in Mueang Samut Sakhon District to observe the province’s healthcare management and services. He received a warm welcome from the Governor of Samut Sakhon Arthit Boonyasophat, along with public health officials and hospital executives.

The Myanmar Vice-President attended a lecture on the healthcare services of the Samut Sakhon hospital and the Nawamin Tharachini Health Station, established in honour to Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th anniversary. He then observed the surgical patients ward and foreign workers clinic. The clinic also provides services in Burmese and employees staff from Myanmar with a service capacity of 150 persons per day.

He then visited the Nawamin Tharachini Health Station that provides health services, including dentistry, pregnancy care, general diagnosis, first aid, physical therapy, and child development to 100 outpatients daily, from 8:30am-8:30pm.

The visit from the Myanmar Vice-President is expected to result in further medical cooperation and exchange for practices that will help develop the medical services and medical system in both Thailand and Myanmar.

YALA, 27 Feb 2015, Big Bike Clubs in the southern region and the nearby Malaysian provinces are holding a charity event promoting tourism and boosting economy in the area.

A large number of bikers from the said areas have been seen gathering in Muang District of Yala Province for the southern bike fair. The event, which kicked off yesterday, will come to a close tonight.

The event is aimed at raising scholarship funds for outstanding but poor students in Yala, and encourage tourists to visit the province, generating income for the locals.

The atmosphere is lively at the venue, with numerous bikers showcasing their 2-wheel magnificent beauties for the locals and onlookers to feast their eyes on.

The fair also offers decorating items for big bikes, biker jackets, food and live entertainment

PHETCHABUN, 27 Feb 2015 - The Governor of Phetchabun has led a team of authorities to scour the provincial prison for illegal items.

The operation was carried out in response to the anti-crime policy of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). The team, which consisted of 160 security and administrative officials, started combing through Phetchabun prison at dawn in search of prohibited items that might lead to criminal activities, including drugs, cell phones and weapons. No such items have been found.

Phetchabun prison is one of the target areas in the suppression drive against crime and drugs. It houses nearly 2,000 inmates, most of whom have records of drug-related crimes.

Phetchabun governor Bandit Teweetiwarak expressed satisfaction towards results of the operation which showed that the prison’s preventive measures were still stringent. The governor, nevertheless, affirmed that the search operation would continue to prevent illegal activities.

Friday, 27 February 2015 14:59

Red Cross low on blood donations

BANGKOK, 27 February 2015 - The Thai Red Cross Society has beseeched the public to donate blood, which is in critically short supply.

The Thai Red Cross Society reported that the shortage was affecting hospitals nationwide, which need as much as 8,000 units for daily operations.

The organization, which was previously able to allocate over 80% of the required blood volume to hospitals, can currently supply only 25% or 2,000 units per day. This amount is still far below the standard stock of 3,000 units per day for emergencies.

The blood crisis has forced some hospitals to postpone surgeries, pending sufficient blood supplies.

People wishing to help the Thai Red Cross Society build up its blood reserves can do so at National Blood Center on Henri Dunant Rd. or regional blood centers. For more information, call 0 2256 4300, or 0 2263 9600-99 extension 1101.

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, 26 February 2015 - The Department of Livestock Development (DLD) has taken public feedback into consideration to amend the Animal Breeding Development Act aimed at preventing potential shortages in cattle.

The DLD Deputy Director-General Sorawit Thaneto officiated over a public hearing with involved personnel on the amendment of the Animal Breeding Development Act at Grand Park hotel, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The hearing was hosted by the Suratthani Livestock Research and Breeding Center with Animal Science experts, academics, and local farmers participating in this event.

The current Animal Breeding Development Act is reported to provide inadequate protection coverage to all kinds of important animal in the country. The rationale of this hearing was to gather public opinion to amend the Act to prevent future shortages of local animals.

The number of Cattle, especially female, have been decreasing for the past 10 years. Officials were able to recorded a 56 percent decrease in the past decade, due to the use of machines in the agricultural sector and the export of female cattle to neighbouring countries, resulting in the shortage of the parentage breeding stock.

Cattle are considered a very important manufacturing factor for the agricultural sector in Thailand, as they provide labour in almost all manufacturing processes of rice.

BANGKOK, 26 February 2015 – A Market for rice and agricultural products will be opened next to Government House in March in an attempt to help the country's farmers. 

PATTANI, 27 Feb 2015, The private sector in the southern province of Pattani opened a learning center yesterday to prepare the locals for the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)

The organizers consist of Pattani Concrete Company Limited and the Provincial Administration Office. According to the company, the learning center’s main objective is to arm the local with knowledge, and to give something back to the public.

The center can also be used as a venue for lecture and seminar.

The organizers yesterday introduced the newly built center with a mini seminar on leadership and innovation, featuring guest speakers from Songklanakarin University. Pattani Concrete Company also handed out sports supplies to several educational institutes.

TAK, 27 Feb 2015, Governor of Tak Province, Somchai Hatayatanti, yesterday gave a lecture on the benefits of the establishment of a special economic zone (SEZ) to 200 employees of Phadeang Industry Public Company Limited.

According to him, the SEZ would contribute to creating stability in trading, investment, and tourism for the entire nation-- not just for Tak. It would also stimulate development in Thailand’s competitiveness, draw more domestic investments, promote export and introduce better and newer technology to the nation's real sector.

As Thailand is the center of ASEAN, establishing more and more SEZs will enable the nation the to be the hub for goods distribution in the region, said the Governor.

He also pointed out that the establishment of the SEZ would generate more employment opportunities for the locals. The Governor thus highlighted the importance of arming prospective workers with communication and other occupational skills in order to enable them to adapt themselves to the SEZ.

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