YALA, 7 April 2014 —The Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Center (SBPPO) has issued orders to revise its security measures after a series of explosions.

SBPPO chief Pol Maj-General Yongyuth Jaroenphanich visited the Sri Samai warehouse on Siroros Road, in Yala’s Muang district where a bomb exploded today. The blast and fire took fire fighters more than three hours to control.

Police officers have been enforcing security measures for the past two years during which no such explosions have occurred. However, the officers now have to revise existing measures and carry out more active control.

The insurgents are believed to be the same group who planted destructive explosions the day before. They aim to hurt Chinese-Thais and Buddhists who control much of the economy in the area. He added, that evidence from camera surveillance is being compiled to find the insurgents.

Monday, 07 April 2014 16:31

Police say no major violence at rallies

BANGKOK, 6 April 2014  - Police said no major violent incidents took place at the pro- and anti-government rallies in Bangkok on Saturday but more security checkpoints will be set up to ensure that the situation remains orderly. 

YALA, 6 April 2014 - The Secretary General of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center has provided an opportunity for local people to participate in solving problems by understanding and using aspects of religious doctrine in the southern border provinces.

Pol. Col. Tawee Sodsong, Secretary General of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center, said the way to solve problems in local areas is to provide an opportunity for local people to participate in the administration, thereby bringing an understanding of religious doctrine, in an area where most people are Muslims. If there is no such discussion in the area, the problems will never be solved. Therefore, all sectors have to be involved in solving misunderstandings and all parties have to be provided with an opportunity to join in the discussion.

BANGKOK, 6 April 2014  — Government authorities are continuing to tighten measures to try to prevent and decrease deaths caused by auto accidents during the New Year and Songkran festivals, according to Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) Director-General, Chatchai Phromlert. 

CHIANG MAI, 6 April 2014 -- The provinc of Chiang Mai has organized a ceremony to release more than 3 million fish into the Ping river on Sunday.

April 6 is Chakri day, the day to commemorate the contribution of the First king of the Chakri dynasty, who founded Bangkok as the capital of Thailand in 1782.

Many Thais on this occasion express their love and reverence to the Kings of the Chakri Dynasty through a variety of activities.

The Chiang Mai provincial authority has chosen to release roughly 3.4 million fish into the Ping river as the way to show support to the Monarchy. The event is under the project to revive the Ping river's ecology.

BANGKOK, 5 April 2014,  - Thailand's 7 major commercial banks have reportedly reserved banknotes worth around 182.1 billion baht altogether ahead of the Songkran long holidays, from April 11th - 16th.

Media analysis , meanwhile, indicated that this year's bitter political protests have negatively affected the local economy, suggesting that the public will be frugal

Krunthai Bank has prepared 45.7 billion baht worth of cash, a decrease of 11.3 billion baht from last year's figure. Bangkok Bank has reserved 45 billion baht worth of banknotes for its 8,500 ATMs nationwide. Siam Commercial Bank has set aside 35 billion baht of notes for this Songkran, an increase of 1.5% year-on-year.

Meanwhile, The Thai Military Bankhas has stored up to 12 billion baht of bills for its customers via its 2,386 ATMs across the country. Ayuthaya Bank has readied 16.5 billion baht of notes for the long holiday, increasing by 1.59 billion baht from it did last year.

Kasikorn Bank has reportedly prepared 25.6 billion baht worth of bills for the period, a jump of 5 billion baht from last year's amount.

LAMPHUN, 4 April 2014 - The Lamphun Province Business Development Office is helping SME and OTOP entrepreneurs to get their businesses ready for the advent of the Asean Economic Community in 2015.

The Lamphun Province Business Development Office has organized a seminar, entitled: "Developing Thai Business in advance of the AEC". The seminar has been developed in order to encourage SME and OTOP entrepreneurs to prepare themselves for AEC in 2015. The event will take place at Lamphun Will Hotel, and Lamphun deputy-governor Mr. Nawin Sintusa-art will preside over the event.

Pissamon Mongkolthep, head of Lamphun Province Business Development Office said this seminar is aimed to support Thai entrepreneurs so that they are prepared to be competitive when the AEC takes hold. Moreover, they will be trained in finding ways to keep their businesses sustainable when entering AEC trade market.

Topics that are scheduled to be discussed at the seminar include: "How to adjust businesses in order to survive" to be given by the managing director of Jampha Shopping Plaza and the head of Lamphun Province Business Development Office. The second topic is: "How to pay off loans when funds are tight" by a senior manager of Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation.

Many SME and OTOP entrepreneurs have shown great interest in attending this seminar.

BANGKOK, 4 April 2014  - Acting Bangkok Governor Dr. Pusadee Tamthai met with relevant agencies to discuss undertaking a zoning approach to ensure a safe Songkran Festival without alcohol. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will host Songkran activities in four leading areas including Silom Road, Khaosan Road, Soi Chokchai, and Utthayan Road.

NAKORN PATHOM, 4 April 2014  - The Chairman of the Thai Human Imagery Museum, Suthee Sribenjachote says the Thai Human Imagery Museum, in cooperation with the Samut Songkhram Tourism Authority of Thailand office, and the Tourism and Sports office of Nakhon Pathom province, along with Educational Institutions, and the public and private sector has organized "Songkran Festivals to Inherit Thai Culture and Wisdom" between 13th-15th April 2014 from 10.00-16.00 hours at the compound of the Thai Human Imagery Museum, Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom province.

The purpose of this festival is to inherit Thai culture from the past to the present. The event is being presented as an ancient Thai village. There will be a Thai band playing distinctive music; A Thai pottery demonstration; a display of rare Baan Celadon ceramic household wares; a display of ancient Thai toys; stalls selling Thai food and desserts; Thai flowers such as the Thai orchid; regional Isan music, and a Buddha image to receive water for the best of luck in 2014. In the afternoon, attendees can water a Thai national artist for more good luck.

Those who seek the origins of the ancient Thai New Year Festival can join in on all three days 13th April 2014 A Show by the Local Isan Pong Lang Band, at Wat Lum Hoey school. 14th April 2014 A Show by the Ramawadee Musical Band, at the Contemporary Thai Music Development Center. 15th April 2014 A Show by the Ramawadee Musical Band, at the Contemporary Thai Music Development Center.

Moreover citizens over 60 years of age can enter the Thai Human Imagery Museum free of charge from 13-15 April 2014.

In addition, the third Thai Music Competition for treble fiddle is being held on 14th April in two categories : primary school students and high school students, with scholarships and trophies to be awarded.

Bangkok, 4 April 2014 - There are not only unrest cases in the southern border provinces. Like other areas throughout Thailand, the region deals with civil conflicts which can be settled by mediation. Recently in Pattani province, Prince of Songkla University and the Ministry of Justice have launched a project to train Muslim women mediators for provincial Islamic offices in the far South.

The project, piloted in five southern border provinces in 2014, was initiated after the provincial Islamic offices had increasingly received petitions from Muslim women had been violated by other members in their families. The provincial Islamic offices found it difficult to help those women due to the fact that they had no female mediators to mediate the cases.

The university, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, recently organized the first training for Muslim women who wanted to work as mediators in the cases involving Islamic family and inheritance laws. The training took place at the Park View Resort hotel in Pattani province in 2014.

Deputy chief of the project Khosali Benmat, an law lecturer from Fatoni University said the project had asked various mosques in the deep South to send Muslim women, 10-15 people from each province, to participate in the training. It was the first time ever that Muslim women would be trained as mediators for the provincial Islamic offices in Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Songkhla and Satun. The first group of Muslim female mediators would mediate rows for Muslim women in order to screen and try to settle their disputes before the cases were processed in a court system, the academic explained.

The project holds the belief that Muslim women mediators are able to deal with their fellow Muslim women better than their male counterparts since they can discuss sensitive issues better. The Muslim women who have trained in the project are expected to work as volunteers first since the provincial Islamic offices still have no budget to hire them. The project is therefore trying to raise fund to pay the women.

It takes more than a strong will to mediate a family conflict. Mediators, especially those working in the restive South, should have good knowledge on the cases they are responsible for. They should be trained to mediate a disagreement in a peaceful manner and educated about human rights. It is also necessary for them to be able to use the media to communicate with other sectors in the society and inform people of basic legal knowledge so that they learn to settle conflicts peacefully by themselves.

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