BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - Airport Link operator State Railway of Thailand Electrified Train (SRTET) is pushing ahead with the planned commercial development of plots of land around rail link stations. 

BANGKOK, 24 October 2014  – Mr. Suraphong Nillaphan, Executive Vice President of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-Operatives (BAAC) revealed the BAAC was satisfied with the distribution of the 1,000-baht-per-rai aid to low-income farmers.

Since the package was launched on 20 October until 23 October (yesterday), around 200,000 out of the 3.4 million registered farmers have already received the money while the rest are expected to get theirs by November.

He also urged the farmers who have not yet received the subsidy to check their right by contacting a nearest Agricultural Extension office. If their right is confirmed, they can open bank accounts with the BAAC and wait for the money to be transferred into the accounts. The BAAC reiterated that the money would only be transferred to farmers who are eligible for the assistance.

The Rice Policy and Management Committee is launching a short-term mortgage program for rice farmers in some areas in an effort to reduce the amount of paddies entering the market and prevent the price from falling.

Following a meeting of the Rice Policy and Management Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, Permanent Secretary for Commerce Chutima Boonyaprapatsorn revealed that the committee had approved the implementation of a paddy pledging program for farmers within the northern and northeastern regions. The objective is to absorb up to 2 million tons of paddies from the total supply being delivered to the market during the upcoming period.

Under the program, the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) will pay participating farmers 90 percent of their grains’ market value, or 11,700 baht a ton for sticky rice and 15,400 baht a ton for jasmine rice. Each household is allowed to receive no more than 300,000 baht and pledge no more than 20 tons of paddies. The interest, meanwhile, will be subsidized by the government.

The pledging period will run for four months, from November 1 this year until February 28 next year. If any of the farmers do not redeem their pledged paddies by the deadline, the grains will be kept in the government’s stock and be put up for auction later on. The quality of the rice entered into the program will also be checked thoroughly by the BAAC before their acceptance.

According to Ms Chutima, the market is expected to see around 5-6 million tons of paddies in the months to come, half of which will be for domestic consumption. The amount indicates that price increases are still possible.

BANGKOK, 25 October 2014– The Ministry of Justice has indicated it will set up local centers in each and every sub-district in the country to facilitate the reduction of disparities. 

BANGKOK, 25 October 2014  – The Irrigation Department has indicated it will soon stop discharging water for agriculture through many of its irrigation canals, in accordance with the government policy which requests that farmers refrain from growing off-season rice.

In Buriram, the water quantity at several reservoirs is at critical level; the reservoirs have seen little rainfall recently. Lam Nang Rong Dam, the province's largest reservoir, is holding just 76 million cubic meters or just 63 percent of its capacity. Because there will likely not be enough water to feed the local irrigation system, officials from Lam Nang Rong Dam have asked farmers to reduce the cultivation area for off-season rice to 10,000 rai, from the previous season's 24,000 rai.

The Irrigation Department has announced it will cease irrigation water discharge on October 31 for many of its irrigation networks, such as the Nam Un irrigation project in Sakon Nakhon and the Mano Rom irrigation project in Chainat.

BANGKOK, 25 October 2014 - The Premier has revealed that the National Rice Policy Committee has resolved to introduce more measures to help rice farmers soon.

Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister, on Friday met with the National Rice Policy Committee to discuss the current situation surrounding the country’s rice farmers.

The PM said that the meeting also discussed the measures to help farmers in the 2015's harvest, which began this month.

He added that the measures are aimed at preventing the prices of the seasonal Hom Mali rice and glutinous rice that will soon be harvested from dropping.

According to the PM, authorities must double check how much rice purchased by the previous administration remains in stocks before further actions can be taken to release the supply in the government stockpile.

BANGKOK, 25 October 2014 - The inspector-general of the Education Ministry has brushed aside rumors that the government is planning to cut Muslim scholarships, which have been circling on social media.

Minister of Education's Inspector General Adinun Pakbara on Friday said that rumors spreading on social media network that the ministry is planning to seek a cut on Muslim scholarships for security reasons are baseless.

Mr. Adinun said, on the contrary, the Education Ministry has been fully supportive of Islamic studies in other countries in order to help improve such curricula in Thailand.

Thailand has been the most active non-Muslim country in ASEAN when it comes to the promotion of Islamic studies, said the inspector, adding that more than 3,000 Thai Muslims travel to Arab nations to further their education in Islam each year.

BANGKOK, 24 October 2014 - Thai people and government officials have participated in the alms giving ceremony to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Thailand’s late Supreme Patriarch at Sanam Luang earlier this morning.

Officials from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, representatives from private and public sectors as well as Thai people offered alms to 200 monks led by 10 dignitaries belonging to the Royal Chapter of monks.

The merit making was held to commemorate the first-year anniversary of the death of His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara.

His Holiness was the 19th Supreme Patriarch of the Rattanakosin era. He became the leader of Thai monks in 1989. He was born on October 3rd, 1913 and passed away on October 24, 2013.

PAYAO, 24 October 2014 – An earthquake of 3.6 magnitude on the Richter scale struck Ban Tham Subdistrict, Dok Khamtai District in Phayao, a northern province of Thailand, at 08.27 a.m. today.

The Seismological Bureau of the Meteorological Department said the depth of the earthquake was around 8 kilometres underground. According to the preliminary survey, neither damage nor deaths have been found so far.

BANGKOK, 24 October 2014 - The second round of the vegetarian festival has been lively since this morning in Yala province. The market is bustling with local residents of Chinese descent buying vegetarian food.

The festival is taking place for the second time now until November 1st. According to the Chinese calendar, this only happens every 180 years.

People have come out to buy a variety of vegetarian food that is offered around the city. According to the report, food prices have remained unchanged.

Many occasional vegetarians said it is a good opportunity to commit to eating meat-free meals as a tribute to Their Majesties the King and Queen.

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