BANGKOK, 13 January 2015 - A women’s rights advocate group has urged the Constitution Drafting Committee to include provisions in the new constitution that ensures gender equality and to encourage women to participate in the reform process.

Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) Bawornsak Uwanno received the petition from the Women Lawyers Association of Thailand under the Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.

Mrs. Suthini Methiprapha, President of Women Lawyers Association who delivered the petition said the prevalence of women-related issues in the country ranging from domestic violence to teen pregnancy meant that the new constitution needed to include provisions that address women’s issues based on the principles of ensuring gender equality and female participation in all sectors of society.

According to Mrs. Suthini, the constitution should encourage women to have a say in matters of economic, social and political matters by ensuring women’s representation in policy- making positions. She proposed, for example, that electoral ballots for continual and proportional representatives should include no less than one-third the ratio of female to male candidates.

BANGKOK, 11 January 2015 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will organize the 2015 Discover Thainess event this week with the objective to help stimulate tourism in the country. 

MUKDAHAN, 12 Jan 2015, The Northeastern Province of Mukdahan is inviting all to visit its annual Red Cross Fair now underway till January 16th, highlighting beauty pageant and locally renowned goods.

Mukdahan Provincial Administration and Red Cross are organizing the event at the lawn in front of the City Hall. The goals of this year’s fair are to promote the area's tourism attractions and conserve local cultural values and practices at the same time.

According to Red Cross officials, the Fair would help the agency fund itself for its future charity events.

This year's ‘Miss Red Cross, an annual beauty pageant, will be held tomorrow, the last day of the fair; in which 51 contestants will be vying for a cash prize of 50,000 baht, said the organizers.

SINGBURI, 12 Jan 2015  Officials in Singburi’s Thon Samor Sub-district have been noticing that the unnaturally low level of water in Noi River has caused land subsidence in the area.

The officials said that collapses were reported along a riverside road on January 9th and 10th, and they have initially deployed heavy machinery to patch the rifts on the road. They indicated such an incidence had occurred around 10 times since the end of 2012 causing damages at different degrees, and foundation piles were installed as a temporary solution to prevent further soil erosion.

According to the officials, the water level in the Noi River has dangerously lowered during the past 2 days, damaging a house in Wihan Khao Sub-district and other structures next to the river banks.

Singburi Governor Chalothorn Phakhoat has recently visited the area and the affected residents, vowing to find measures to help them as soon as possible.

MUKDAHAN, 12 Jan 2015,  More than 2,000 Thai and Laotian runners yesterday attended an international marathon in Mukdahan, which was held to promote the province's local tourism.

Mukdahan Governor Thawatchai Thamarux yesterday presided over the marathon, which started from Mukdahan Wittayanukul School in Muang District.

According to the organizer, the province is using the international running event as a means to promote Mukdahan’s highlights, while encouraging youths, the general public and foreign visitors to exercise more.

Participants were to compete in 4 different races, which are the 42.16 km marathon, the 10.5 mini-marathon, the 5km fun-run, and fancy-walk-and-run rally.

The organizer said the marathon drew approximately 2,000 runners, creating a friendly and lively atmosphere at the organizing venue.

The race saw all participants crossing the Second Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge, watching the sun rising over the horizon amid the refreshing early morning weather.

Monday, 12 January 2015 11:49

Winter clothes in high demand in Khon Kean

KHON KEAN, 12 Jan 2015,  Winter clothes, particularly sweaters and jackets, have been in high demand in Khon Kean Province, as cold weather persists.

The lowest temperature was recorded at 17 degrees Celsius yesterday, according to the media.

A large number of residents yesterday flocked to Banglamphu Market in the municipality of Muang Khon Kean to purchase sweaters and other winter clothing offered at affordable prices.

According to one of the vendors, she buys those winter clothes direct from a factory, and sell them at an average price of 80 baht apiece, adding that she can not sell them at a higher price given the local economy. She also said most of the sweaters are made from quality yarn, which can be worn year round.

BANGKOK, 12 Jan 2015. - The Office Of Basic Education Commission (OBEC) is working on the details of the Education System reform planning for 2015 - 2021, in the hope of raising the quality of Thai education to the international standards.

OBEC Secretary-General Kamol Rodklai disclosed during a meeting yesterday that Thailand’s education system ranks 78th in the world and 8th in ASEAN.

According to him, the overall rankings of other Asean member nations such as Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines have been steadily rising over the past eight years, expressing his concerns that Thailand's education will soon lag far behind those nations' unless action is taken to raise her standard.

The reform would focus on 4 areas, including curriculum revision, giving all children equal access to education, and improving education quality in accordance with the Education Ministry’s policies, Besides, the nation must also develop the quality of teachers, and the administration's power over education institutes must be decentralized further, said Mr. Kamol.

The details of the proposed reform will be submitted to the Education Minister, Admiral Narong Pipattanasai, before being forwarded to the National Reform Council

BANGKOK, 12 January 2015 - Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn leaves for the United States this morning on a fortnight visit to observe medical research and development in that country.

The Bureau of the Royal Household announced last night that Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn would board a Japanese airline flight no. JL 708 at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 8.15 am this morning (Monday) to fly to the United States for a visit from 12th-26th January.

While in the United States, Her Royal Highness will observe research and development on artificial medicine at the Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado State. Her Royal Highness will return to Thailand on 26th January, arriving at Suvarnbhumi Airport at 11.15 p.m.

BANGKOK, 12 January 2015 - Retailers are asking the government for help as commodity prices remain high despite lower oil prices.

Fresh food prices have reportedly increased even though cheaper gas prices could have reduced the production cost.

The retailers believed the middlemen have been behind the rising prices. They urged the government to keep them at bay and maintain the prices at a reasonable level.

Prices of meat, eggs, cooking oil and fruits have not declined at most markets in Bangkok. However, many fresh food vendors are happy with lower income while they are trying to help consumers.

Many families have now turned to ready-to-eat meals as fresh ingredients are too expensive.

SI SA KET, 12 January 2014 - The construction of a road linking Thailand and Cambodia in Si Sa Ket province is expected to be finished in November and ready for tourism in the AEC era.

According to Deputy Minister of Transport Akom Termpittayapaisit, the 7.5 kilometer road, which is located in Phusing district, will connect the northeastern province of Si Sa Ket with Siem Reap of Cambodia.

Its main purpose is to promote tourism between the two nations once ASEAN nations are integrated into a single market late this year. The construction has begun since June 10th last year and is scheduled for completion by November 1st, 2015.

The Ministry of Transport is also planning to open a bus service on the Bangkok-Si Sa Ket-Siem Reap route to facilitate visits between the two peoples.

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