PATTANI, 21 October 2014 - Deep South residents have been encouraged to help authorities restore peace under Toong Yang Deang Model, which is a strategy said to be more comprehensive in dealing with various issues in the areas.

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) and the Internal Security Council have been working together under the model to assure safety. Residents will also be asked to report to the authorities and look out for one another.

Police and the army will continue to be major forces in safeguarding lives. There will be night time patrols as well as invisible surveillance around schools and villages .

The Toong Yang Deang Model is also focused on establishing mutual understanding between local people and government officers. This will improve the livelihood of the Deep South residents and reduce illegal drug abuse.

Marches against violence will be organized. Emergency drills and safety training will be carried out. A warning system will be installed in 13 schools. Funds will be raised and other necessities will be sought to support the cause.

BANGKOK, 21 October 2014  Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha presided over the cabinet meeting today at Government House ahead of the five-month anniversary of the army takeover tomorrow.

The army will mark its five months in power tomorrow after staging a coup on May 22 that led to the removal of former Premier Yingluck Shinawatra from office.

The Ministry of Transport is set to propose investment projects for increased transport connectivity, including the dual rail track project in 2015 during the weekly meeting.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, meanwhile, will put forward measures to solve the flagging prices of rubber as discussed with the National Rubber Policy Committee.

The Budget Bureau will also outline plans for managing the 2015 fiscal budget while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will nominate candidates for ambassadors from Hungary and Ireland to Thailand.

KRABI, 21 October 2014  Police are expanding the search for the two missing South Korean tourists whose speedboat crashed into a fishing vessel near Krabi on Sunday evening.

The search for a man and a woman from South Korea who have gone missing in the water has been expanded today to cover more sea areas in a bid to rescue the tourists.

Police are also looking to formally charge the driver of the speedboat for reckless driving causing death or serious injury.

Local police have been instructed to inspect inbound and outbound boats on nearby islands and to keep a close watch on speedboat drivers and crew following the accident.

Residents on the island have been urged to report speed driving or boats operating at overcapacity.

BANGKOK, 21 October 2014  Supreme Commander General Worapong Sanganet has said all the armed forces have been working in unity and support of the government.

General Worapong has attended a meeting of the armed forces following his new role as a supreme commander. He reiterated to the officers at the meeting to follow Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha’s policy.

According to him, the armed forces should see significant progress in 3-9 months' time according to stage 2 of the Roadmap, which he said would lead the country to transparent and corruption-free elections.

General Worapong added that the reform for the armed forces will be in line with the 11 areas set by General Prayut, and that they will continue to throw their weight behind the government.

UBON RATCHATHANI, 21 October 2014   The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has allotted a total of 20 million baht to repair the Ubon Ratchathani International Airport after it caught fire on October 17th. However, the airport has resumed its normal operations.

Passengers have continued to use the airport, whereas airline personnel are closely monitoring passengers arriving at the western gate and screening them as they go through a waiting area before boarding their flights. Meanwhile, departing passengers can exit through the eastern gate as usual.

DCA Director-General Seri Jitsopa said that based on police reports, the fire was possibly caused by a short circuit in an air-conditioner located above a shop selling silk cloth and aromatic candles. However, conclusions have yet to be drawn from the police forensics team.

Even though the fire did not damage the building’s infrastructure, repairs still have to be carried out at the airport’s ceilings and glass windows. The entire air-conditioning system also needs to be changed. The entire process is expected to take 2 months with a budget of 20 million baht.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014 14:15

NRC elects President and 2 Vice-Presidents

BANGKOK, 21 October 2014 The National Reform Council (NRC) voted in its first meeting today to elect its President and two Vice Presidents.

Under the interim chairmanship of 87-year-old Paron Issarasena Na Ayutthaya, the most senior member of the NRC, the Council elected Dr.Tianchay Kiranan as the President of the NRC, Borwornsak Uwanno and Dr.Tassana Boontong as the first and second vice presidents, respectively.

NRC President Dr.Tianchay Kiranan received his Bachelor's degree in political science from Chulalongkorn University and continued his studies in the United States, where he earned his Master's Degree in Economics & Demography from Hawaii University and a Ph.D in Economics from Duke University. Dr. Tianchay is the Vice-President of Prince Mahidol Award Foundation and was a professor in economics at Chulalongkorn University as well as the former President of the University.

First NRC Vice President Borwornsak Uwanno earned his Bachelor of Law at Chulalongkorn University and completed his postgraduate and Ph.D studies at the University of Paris. He is currently serving as the secretary-general of King Prajadhipok's Institute. He was a member of the drafting committee of the 1997 Constitution of Thailand, and previously served as the Cabinet secretary-general under the Thaksin government.

Second NRC Vice President Dr.Tassana Boontong received her Bachelor of Education in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing from Chulalongkorn University and completed her postgraduate studies at Boston University, earning a Masters Degree in Adult Psychiatry and her Ph.D in Health and Higher Education.

BANGKOK, 19 October 2014 The Community Development Department (CDD) has revealed that the OTOP villages' travel routes project has been successful, and now aims to promote additional routes to cover all 60 villages, in a plan to accommodate the AEC in 2015.

Mr. Surasak Aksonkul, the CDD’s Bureau of Community Enterprise Promotion's (CEP) Director of the coordination of planning and information group, said that the operation of the OTOP villages travel routes during this year has been successful. The project has established 5 main routes covering 15 villages. The bureau is now gearing up to establish more routes to cover 60 villages.

The five existing routes in the project consist of the northern region route to Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and Mae Hong Son province; the eastern region route to Rayong, Trat, and Chonburi province; the southern region route to Krabi, Phang Nga, and Phuket province; the central region route to Suphan Buri, Phetchaburi, and Ratchaburi province, and the north-eastern province to Surin, Sisaket, and Buriram province.

The routes connect OTOP villages in different provinces, while providing more options for tourism, said the CEP Director.

BANGKOK, 14 October 2014  Commander of the Fourth Army Area Commander Lt. Prakan Chonlayut has emphasized that the local people in the southern border provinces need to take part in the process to bring peace back to the restive region.

Lt. Prakan said the 4th Army Area Command’s policy in the southernmost provinces would focus on the local people’s participation rather than deployment of army personnel. The policy was in line with the government’s strategies which sought to gain access to the local people and satisfy their needs, said the army official.

More army officers in the southern border provinces would be replaced with civilian forces such as police officers and security volunteers. The army officers who were responsible for security in high-risk areas would be assigned to help develop communities in line with His Majesty the King’s “Understand, Reach Out and Develop” guidelines, Lt. Prakan added.

BANGKOK, 19 October 2014  Dr. Chaiyapruek Serirak, Secretary-General of the Office of the Vocational Education Commission, revealed the Minister of Education has given an idea to hold a month –long training camp for vocational students in a bid to end their enmity towards students from other colleges that often ends up in violent brawls on streets.

The Office of the Vocational Education Commission will coordinate with the Royal Thai Navy in launching the camps which will be piloted in Samut Prakan province. A total of 100 students will be chosen from various vocational colleges to participate in the camp project, at the Navy’s Chumphon Thahan Rua School in Sattahip District, Chonburi. The training will last one month from 12 November – 12 December 2014.

He said the training is hoped to readjust the students’ attitude towards their careers and colleagues and instill the right values of co-existence in the society including the spirit to help other people – the qualifications useful to their life when returning to respective schools.

When the camp ends, a team is to be set up to assess the success of the project and will serve as mentors to assist the students in their study.

BANGKOK, 19 October 2014  The Marine Department of Thailand has issued its safety requirements to prevent accidents during the Loy Krathong festival, while warning all boats and ships to proceed carefully. 

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