PHITSANULOK 27 March 2014  Phisanulok province has introduced a drugs workshop at the rehabilitation center for drug addicts in order to lessen the rate of drug abuse. 

CHIANG MAI 27 March 2014  The Inspector-General of PM's Office Region 15 has led a group of committee members to access the progress of developmental projects that aims to resolve the smog problem in Chiang Mai Province. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014 14:44

Drought hits Lampang corn fields

LAMPANG, 27 March 2014 Thousands of corn fields on the northern province of Lampang have been hit with severe drought. 

BANGKOK, 27 Mar 2014  Dr. Nirun Pitakwatchara of the office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand will today visit Mr. Wiwat Yodprasit, nicknamed the ‘Popcorn gunman’, to inquire into the suspect's situation, after the latter’s lawyer claimed that authorities at the Center for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO) had used violence to force him to confess to involvement in the shooting incident at Lak Si intersection on February 1st.

Dr. Nirun said he would conduct both oral interrogations and physical examinations to check the claim made by Mr. Wiwat’s lawyer.

He stated that if the complaint was substantiated, he would forward the finding to the Royal Thai Police for further action and to CAPO Director Chalerm Yubumrung, as the incident occured during the enforcement of the Internal Security Act.

Earlier the suspect told Miss Puangthip Boonsanong, a lawyer of the Student and People Network for Thailand's Reform, that his previous statement had been influenced by fear, after threats from CAPO officials that they would use violent means against him. He also claimed that officials hit him during interrogation sessions. The blows were made through a cushion held to his body and did not leave any visible mark on him.

BANGKOK, 27 March 2014  Thailand ranked 2nd out of all ASEAN countries in the 2014 United Nations Human Development Index in terms of the best quality of life.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has compiled an annual report on the Human Development Index (HDI), which is an indicator that ranks human development on several areas such as life expectancy, educational level, and income. The latest report marks the first time the index has been surveyed in the ASEAN region.

Singapore topped the index as the country with the best quality of life in the ASEAN region, closely followed by Thailand. Cambodia, meanwhile, ranked last in the index.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon released a statement on the International Day of Happiness this year that happiness may have different meanings for different people. However, every country can agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty, and other unfortunate conditions in which so many fellow human beings struggle with in their day-to-day life.

BANGKOK, 27 Mar 2014  According to the Bangkok Poll, Thai people back the idea of having a neutral prime minister to spearhead political reform before a general election is held. 

SATUN, 26 March 2014 Satun province has increased its surveillance regarding labor trafficking by focusing its efforts particularly in the fishery industry.

BANGKOK, 26 Mar 2014,  Phatra Securities Public Company Limited has revealed that at present foreign investment is continuing at a slower pace than usual, as investors wait for positive signs on the local political scene. 

BANGKOK, 26 March 2014  Investment analysts have expressed their belief the stock index may fall below 1,300 this year because of the expected retarded growth of the Thai economy, brought on by the political situation.

At a discussion entitled 'How to Invest if Thai Economy Stagnates', Praphat Tanphibunsak, chief investment officer at Krungsri Asset Management Co. Ltd., gave his evaluation that the prolonged political problem will result in the Thai economy expanding by only 2% this year. Listed companies' profit growth are expected to decline, especially in those industries relating to state sector projects – namely, agricultural industries and automotive industries. Profits are now expected to grow by 5-8% instead of the earlier anticipated 10-12%. Mr. Praphat views that the stock index would retreat to the 1,200-and-higher level.

Similarly, Prin Phanitchaphak, managing director of CLSA Securities, views that the Thai stock index may retreat below 1,300 points due to the economy slowing down as a result of the political situation and the decline of listed companies' profits. There is also a tendency for foreign investors to divert their money to other stock markets in the region, especially those in Vietnam, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, where the indices have been gaining while stock prices are cheaper. He suggests that during the current period of prolonged political situation and economic slowdown, investors should hold shares in companies with good fundamentals and which pay dividends, for example those in the communications, energy and real estate sectors.

BURIRAM 26 March 2014  A recent surge in ID card applications is taking place in Buriram as residents hurry to ready their required IDs for the upcoming senatorial election held on March 30.