UBON RATCHATHANI 12 March 2014 Ubon Ratchathani Airport has warned locals not to launch Bang Fai rockets without permission, as doing so may have dire consequences on aircraft flying in the area. 

BANGKOK, 12 March 2014  Mae Hong Son Tourism Council has reportedly been flooded with complaints after Nok Air decided to stop its Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son service route.

According to President of Mae Hong Son Tourism Council Mr. Supoj Klinpraneet, Nok Air has breached the contract requiring the airline to provide services on the Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son route.

The contract called for Nok Air to provide services by its Saab-340, a 34-seat aircraft, 3 times daily. However, the low-cost airline has at just reduced its service schedule to only one flight per day, and will be shutting down permanently at the end of March.

The President of the Mae Hong Son Tourism Council further said that the Thai Airways had flown the route before canceling its service. Before the cancellation, however, the airline had advised locals that Nok Air would take its place. With Nok Air also canceling its services, Mr. Supoj posed the sixty-four thousand dollar question," Who should be held accountable for the region's loss of business and revenue?"

BANGKOK, 12 Mar 2014  President of the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) Panthep Klanarongran says Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is entitled to a one-time 15-day postponement of the deadline for her response to rice pledging charges.

According to Panthep, Ms. Yingluck’s lawyer has received the details of the accusation from the agency, adding that she is initially scheduled to appear before the NACC to testify on Friday.

However, NACC is willing to give a leeway on the deadline, reiterating however that the premire can only postpone the date once for no longer than 15 days from March 14th.

Ms. Yingluck can request that additional pieces of evidence be considered by the NACC, but the agency will have to determine the necessity of the evidence on a case-by-case basis. The agency will vote on the case after the Prime Minister has testified and related evidence obtained.

YALA, 12 March 2014 Security has been tightened in Yala since Wednesday, one day before the founding anniversary of one of the most active insurgent groups in Thailand's deep south, the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN).

Authorities have been on alert for possible bomb attacks, after two men were killed and their motorcycle taken by unknown assailants.

Yala police have alerted local authorities and residents to look for the stolen motorcycle or one similar to that for fear of insurgents planting a bomb on it.

All suspicious-looking motorcycles and cars are subjected to a thorough search. Residents have also been told to be on a lookout for suspicious objects or people and to immediately notify officials should they run into one.

BUENG KAN, 12 March 2014 The severe drought this year has affected not just human beings but also wild animals. 

BANGKOK 12 March 2014 The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) has reported that smoke from forest fires has less chance of inducing cancer than automobile exhaust fume. 

BANGKOK, March 10 - Thailand's leading private companies viewed that the country's corruption problems in the past two years have become more severe, while attempts to reduce the problem has improved, resulting in lower expenses on corruption.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 14:39

PM holds talk with economic ministers

BANGKOK, 11 March 2014 Prime Minister and Defense Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has urged all responsible agencies to speed up government spending in a bid to trigger the economy, which has been hard hit by the ongoing protests.

At the Royal Police Cadet Academy in Nakhon Pathom, the Premier met with the ministers of Commerce, Finance, Agriculture, Industry, and Tourism. She urged them to boost the country’s economy through budget spending ,which in turn would bring back investors’ confidence in the Thai economic stability.

The meeting came after reports that foreign investors were losing confidence in the Thai economy thanks to the prolonged political uncertainty, causing investment slowdown and the relocation of production bases.

She also assigned related agencies to collect information and assess how much damage the political protests have done to the country.

BANGKOK, 11 March 2014  Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na Ranong posted on his Facebook page warning that Thailand’s confidence ratings might start to suffer due to the prolonged political conflicts. 

BANGKOK, 11 March 2014 Thai stocks are expected to rebound again this morning following an anticipation that the emergency decree would be lifted, sending the SET Composite Index to fluctuate around 1,340 - 1,355 points.

CIMB Senior Analyst, Kasem Panratanamala, stated that Thai stocks would have a tendency to reach 1,350 points again after news was spread that the emergency decree would tentatively be lifted when its 60-day enforcement expires in the next two weeks.

He cited reports as saying the proposed lifting of the emergency bill would be raised to the Cabinet this week. The proposal included re-imposition of the Internal Security Act (ISA).The news has brought greater investors’ confidence to the stock market.

Other parts of Asia have seen various fluctuations. Moreover, the Dow Jones has not shown any concrete signs of where it is heading. Investors, however, are keeping a close eye on China’s market as the dragon nation’s stock figures are considered to be relatively volatile at the moment.