BANGKOK, 23 Nov 2013 More than 100,000 visitors are expected at the “SET in the City” which is taking place from now through November 24th. 

BANGKOK, 21 Nov 2013, Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister Niwatthamrong Bunsongphaisan reaffirms that the rice mortgage scheme for the 2013/2014 harvesting season has kicked off smoothly, adding the Finance Ministry has been selling bonds to fund the program.

Mr. Niwatthamrong said that the first round of rice mortgaging in the new season received warm response from rice farmers who continuously brought rice for pledging. According to the minister, the amount of rice already mortgaged since October 1st has been standing at approximately 3 million tons. The current harvesting season is expected to yield 8-9 million tons of rice.

The Government is also working to pay for the mortgaged rice without delay, he said.

As for the issuance of bonds by the Finance Ministry to raise fund for the rice pledging scheme, Mr. Niwatthamrong said it is the responsibility of the Finance Ministry and the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives to find money for the program. The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that the scheme is set to spend 500 billion baht as necessary revolving fund, the same amount as in the previous year.

BANGKOK, 22 Nov 2013 CEO of the Surapon Foods Public Company Limited, Surapon Wongwattanaroj has admitted the fluctuating global economy makes business planning difficult.

BANGKOK, 22 Nov 2013 The Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) has revealed that the Government will quickly sell more pledged rice via the Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET), government-to-government deals and a business matching approach between rice mills and exporters. 

BANGKOK, 22 November 2013 Grand Thornton Thailand, an accounting and consulting firm, forecast that Thailand should see a 4.5% growth in its economy during the year 2014. 

BANGKOK, 22 November 2013 The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce's Center for Economic and Business Forecasting Director, Thanawat Polwichai, revealed that should the current political rifts stretch on to next year, Thailand could see a 0.5% decrease in its GDP. 

Bangkok, 22 November 2013 The Ministry of Industry has announced its plans to make Thailand the world’s 5th largest automobile producer by 2017. 

BANGKOK, 21 November 2012 The Fiscal Policy Office has lowered its GDP growth forecast for this year to 3%, down from the 3.7% earlier predicted. 

Bangkok, 21 November 2013 1.6 million blue swimmer crabs have been released in Samut Sakhon Province in the hope of preserving marine resources in the gulf of Thailand.

The Department of Fisheries has released 1.6 million blue swimmer crabs, also known as blue manna crabs, into the sea at Samut Sakhon Province. According to Director General of Fisheries Department Niwat Sutemechaikul, blue swimmer crabs are very important to Thai economic growth, as nearly 3 billion baht worth of these crabs are exported each year, adding that demand for blue swimmer crabs is substantially high.

As most of the exported crabs come from fishing, not farming, the number of crabs has been rapidly declining, especially in the gulf of Thailand, where crab fishing is prevalent, causing crab fishermen in Samut Sakhon to struggle with limited resources. Therefore, the department was determined to release those marine animals back into the sea in order to rehabilitate marine resources. The released crabs were approximately 10-15 days old. The director also expected up to 25 million crabs to be released by the end of the program.

BANGKOK, 22 November 2013 House speaker Somsak Kiatsuranon has revealed that the censure motion request by the Opposition parties has been put on the House agenda, despite earlier querries over the validity of the filing. 

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