BANGKOK, 22 June 2014  -The Secretary General of the Labor Ministry said that the ministry has met with licensed private recruitment agencies to explain its solution to the migrant worker problem issued by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) and Department of Employment at the Ministry of Labour office.

Employers and relevant sectors are asked to treat the migrant workers with justice and fairness as well as to give them a discount on fees or service charges. If any officials are witnessed taking advantage of the workers, the authorities at the Department of Employment should be informed directly so that disciplinary action can be taken. In addition, it is necessary that the accusation by the USA that Thailand is involved in human trafficking and labor exploitation be expunged.

Moreover, the Cambodian workers who earlier fled to their homeland, have gradually returned to Thailand after gaining confidence in Thailand's labor management strategies. The Ministry of Labor operates in accordance with the policy of the NCPO.

KHON KAEN, 19 June 2014- Khon Kaen Province is now carrying out "happiness" activities in accordance with the decree from the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), in an attempt to placate Thai citizens after the political unrest that consumed the nation for months. Villagers from Ban Phai District along with police and soldiers have held activities aiming at reviving unity and harmony back to the country by setting up a concert and entertainment activities. In the event, there are also young plants given away to the villagers provided by The Siam Cement Public Company Limited.

NONG BUA LAMPHU, 19 June 2014  - A daycare center in Nong Bua Lamphu province has been ordered closed for one week after children are at risk of contracting hand, foot and mouth disease.

Local administrative officials have been instructed to clean up and disinfect the the center’s amenities as well as belongings of children, following the HFMD outbreak.

A child in the care of the center has been diagnosed with HFMD recently. To prevent further spread of the disease, the local health office has suspended classes at the center. Currently, the center takes care of around 112 children from many communities nearby.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a common disease in infants and children and is spread through direct contact with the mucus, saliva, or feces of an infected person. It typically occurs in small epidemics in nursery schools or kindergartens, usually during the summer and rainy months.

BANGKOK, 19 June 2014 (NNT) – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to expedite collecting evidence against corruption-related cases in the government sector. The military also told all state agencies to draw up preventive measures against corrupt practices.

In its 69th announcement, the NCPO said it had assigned the anti-graft body to probe into all alleged corruption cases without delay and to report the findings and information to the NCPO. State offices are also urged to draw up preventive measures against corrupt practices and to get everyone in their organizations involved in the campaign.

The announcement also warned that chiefs of state-own enterprises and units who failed to deal with corruption would face harsh disciplinary action, or criminal charges depending on their cases.

TAK, 19 June 2014 - Tak Provincial Police have arrested a man driving an oil tanker truck that was making its way to the Mae Sot-Myawaddy border crossing at the Huay Ya-U checkpoint within the province.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Tosak Sa-adpak, the Deputy Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 6, has deployed a team of police at the border area to stop smuggling of oil out of the country.

At the scene, police found a 20-wheeler Hino truck attached with another oil tanker truck storing at least 40,000 litres of gasoline. They also found hydrocarbon solvent valued at 936,000 baht. Parts of the tanker truck’s seals have been cut, which indicated that some oil has been taken out without permission.

Meanwhile, the truck driver, Mr. Prayoon Wongpinit, confessed that both trucks belonged to a private company hired to deliver the oil to the Thai-Myanmar border. He admitted that he had stolen at least 681 liters of oil from the truck and sold it at a price of 10,500 baht to pay for his personal expenses.

BANGKOK, 19 June 2014 – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is stepping up measures against drug abuse while asking the public to be eyes and ears for authorities.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Pusadee Tamthai, in her capacity as acting Bangkok Governor, said drug problems had become one of the most important and urgent issues, especially in Bangkok where drug abuse exists in many communities.

She said the BMA had been working hard on eradicating drug problems in accordance with its policy to establish Bangkok as the Metropolitan of Happiness.

The acting governor also called on the public to contribute to solutions to the problem by keeping their eyes open and reporting any suspicious activities. She added that the community itself would be key to effectively eliminate drugs in the Thai society. Lastly, she said love and understanding in the family could provide an immune to protect family members from becoming drug victims.

SURIN, 19 June 2014 – The drive to eliminate illegal weapons remains in full swing. On Wednesday officials from the Region 1 Police and military officials in Surin announced the confiscation of hundreds of weapon items.

Locals in Surin have handed in scores of rifles, bullets and grenades to authorities in compliance with the NCPO's announcement stipulating that individuals who hand in the illegal weapons by June 25 will not be charged. In addition to the aforementioned items, improvised guns, M60 bullets, throwing grenades and AK 47 bullets were also acquired from locals.

The police announced on Wednesday that from Monday to Wednesday, officials of the Region 1 Provincial Police were able to make multiple arrests, seizing 3 M79 grenade launchers and 94 grenades, 2 AK assault rifles and 229 bullets, a carbine, a 9mm handgun and 60 bullets, an RPG launcher and 17 rocket-propelled grenades, and 18 hand grenades. 27,400 Meth pills were also confiscated from those arrested.

MAE HONG SON, 19 June 2014  – The Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) has been told to quickly address the forest encroachment issue in 9 target provinces and to yield results within 6 month.

Colonel Phongphet Ketsupha, a planning specialist at the ISOC, said the agency will quickly tackle deforestation, encroachment of forests and public space, and degradation of natural resources. Although the ISOC will work to tend to these issues on a national scale, the National Council for Peace and Order has ordered it to emphasize on 9 provinces where the problem was severe. These include Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Nan Lampang, Ubonratchathani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Loei and Krabi. For these 9 provinces, the ISOC must also yield visible results within 6 months.

On Wednesday, officials from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation were accompanied by soldiers in a search of a wooden dwelling in Pai district of Mae Hong Son province which was suspected of being a disguise for a stockpile of illegal logs. Officials discovered that the structure comprised mostly of processed teak wood of the same size. The home owner, a hill tribe woman, could not explain the origin of the wood when questioned by officials.

The team of officials went on to disassemble 5 dwellings that similarly provided disguise for teak wood stockpile in the area.

UDONTHANI, 19 June 2014,  - Udonthani officials are ready to report to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on the situation on rare wood smuggling in the province, after it has recently arrested 5 people suspected of committing the crime.

According to police, they have arrested Watcharapan Borkboon and Chalermkiat Khaepimpan as well as three other suspects for illegal possession of rosewood. Wacharapan is the the Seka sub-district chief in Buengkarn province while Chalermkiat is a village chief in Nong Bua Lampoo. Police seized 23 logs of Rosewood, 3 cars and 6 mobile phones.

The arrest was made after authorities had received a tip-off on the smuggling of the rare wood. Police were then deployed at the entrance of Nongbuangen Village in Nongwuasaw District.

Later in the day, the officials pulled over a pickup truck carrying 3 suspects and the 23 rosewood logs, which were covered under sheets of sailcloth. The suspects confessed that they were being hired for 40,000 baht to transport the illegal logs.

Meanwhile, another squad of police apprehended two other suspects, Wacharapan and Chalermkiat, who were acting as lookouts. The 5 suspects are now awaiting further legal action.

BANGKOK, 19 June 2014, - Chulalongkorn University has announced the results of medical research on an aphrodisiac herbal medicine that does not create side effects in users.

The revelation was made by Pharmacist Phon-Anong Aramwit of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Faculty of Pharmacy Science, who told the media that her research took three and a half years to develop.

She said in order to eliminate side effects, the aphrodisiac medicine contains only non-synthetic ingredients. The medicine consists mostly of blood stimulating herbs such as Black Galingale, Agaonema tenuipes Engl (Wankhanmak), Chive seeds, Safflower, and honey.

In tests, subjects with low to medium sex drive have shown significant improvement after taking the medicine, without exhibiting any side effects, unlike the popular Viagra. The enhancement provided by the herbal medicine lasts 3-4 hours, unlike Viagra which can remain in the human system for as long as 72 hours.

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