Saturday, 11 July 2015 09:52

NBT Celebrates its 27th year anniversary

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015, National Broadcasting Services of Thailand's (NBT) Channel 11 today celebrates its 27th anniversary.

Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi bestowed a flower bouquet, commemorating the station's founding. The bouquet was received by Public Relations Department (PRD) Director General Apinan Juntarungsri.

Earlier this morning, Mr. Apinan and NBT's management and employees attended a merit-making ceremony. Several representatives from private sectors and governmental units, including National Council for Peace and Order Spokesman Colonel Winthai Suvaree, visited NBT headquarters on Vibhavadi Road. They also made a donation through the channel to the Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the patronage of H.M. the Queen.

The PRD chief thanked all NBT staff members for jobs well-done over the years, for bringing the latest, accurate news to Thais nationwide. He said the channel had always been an instrument of communication for both the public and the government.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - Many provinces in regions across Thailand continue to be hit by the drought crisis, brought on by a long period of below-normal rainfall.

In Buengkarn, local authorities were unable to pump water from underground to supply farmers and residents due to drying canals and groundwater sources. A backhoe has been used to further pump up the water, which is red, mucky and undrinkable.

Chachoengsao authorities also found the level of salinity in their tap water soaring past standard level. Raw water sources are being procured to ensure adequate supply of water for residents. The province is purchasing water from the private sector and the Irrigation Department to relieve the drought condition.

Farmers in Nakhon Sawan, meanwhile, can do nothing but watch more of their crops dying due to severe water shortage. They are hoping for more rains later in the season to salvage the remainder of the crop in their farms.

PATTANI, 10 July 2015 - The government has answered the plea of unregistered fishing boats by allowing them to catch fish for another two months, in a bid to maintain seafood supplies and stabilize market prices.

Unregistered fishing vessels have been allowed to go to sea again, after being forced to stay in port for more than ten days. The government decided to give these boats a two-month grace period to operate at sea while applying for fishing licenses and registration.

The announcement prompted a number of fishing operators to resume activities and gave their crews the opportunity to earn an income. Meanwhile, fresh fish markets regained some of their normal busy atmosphere, as licensed boats returned from sea and replenished stocks, causing prices to moderate accordingly.

All unregistered boats must acquire the correct type of license and registration within the two-month period of grace or face tough penalties.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - Deputy Prime Minister Yongyut Yuttawong has made known that Section 44 of the constitution is being invoked to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks near educational institutions.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - The Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has confirmed that the Chinese government will ensure fair treatment to all deported Uighur refugees and even provide appropriate work to the deportees who are not involved in criminal activities. 

MAHA SARAKHAM, 10 July 2015 - Representatives of every sector in Maha Sarakham province have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on alcohol control.

The provincial governor led representatives of all sectors in the province in the signing of an MOU introducing the 2015 "Strategic Provinces on Alcohol Control" program, to jointly push for community awareness of the effects and problems of alcohol abuse.

Related sectors including government organizations, educational institutes, the local administrative office, police, soldiers, 13 district chiefs, members of the private sector and organizations, all signed the MOU. The provincial public health office in collaboration with the Stop Drink Network and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation have implemented the agreement to raise community awareness of the problems associated with alcoholic beverages.

Statistics show that Maha Sarakham province is the worst affected province with 24.10 percent of youths aged 15-18 years old consuming alcohol. The public health ministry's declaration of the alcohol control act will limit youth's exposure to alcoholic beverages through sales restrictions at various locations such as in government grounds, educational institutes, temples, public health service centers, public parks, and gas stations for example. These places will be off limits for the sale or drinking of alcohol according to the law while policies to decrease alcohol consumption by young members of society, will also be promoted.

Apart from the signing of an MOU, the move also included a strategic discussion on the matter, to be used as a tool according to the the program's goals.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - The Royal Thai Police chief has clarified that the DNA samples in the Koh Tao murder case had been stored at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, quelling allegations that the evidence was lost during investigation.

The Royal Thai Police Commissioner-General Pol Gen Somyot Pumpunmuang, addressed a misunderstanding about the DNA samples in the Koh Tao murder case, giving an assurance that the evidence was not lost.

He cited the Provincial Police Region 8 Commissioner, stating that all collected DNA samples from the date of the incident had been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine by investigators, before being examined by the Central Scientific Crime Detection Division.

The examination results of the DNA samples have been used to compile forensic evidence for the case's court proceedings.

Regarding the investigator’s statement to the court claiming that the samples had not been stored, the Police Chief explained that it is not the investigator's task to store the evidence, as only the examination results were required during the court procession. Lawyers can request access to the examination results directly through the court. Once the court accepts the request, a command will be issued to the police to forward the examination results to the lawyer.

He also advised that evidence apart from the DNA results, such as the surrounding witnesses and other items found at the crime scene, will also be utilized in the court proceedings in this case.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) has finalized its revision of 202 sections in the new constitution and is in the process of discussing Chapter 5, regarding finance and budget.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - A parliamentary committee responsible for vetting the Budget Expenditure Bill B.E. 2559 has approved the financial outlay of 12 ministries with a total cut of 5 billion baht, the committee’s spokesman says.

Spokesman of the committee Lt Gen Chatudom Titthasiri explained that the budgets of 12 ministries have already passed the committee’s consideration, and the panel is now looking into the budget of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

He said that the consideration was progressing within the designated timeframe with the approved budget already totalling 1.027 trillion baht out of the 2.72 trillion baht. According to him, about 5.82 billion baht has already been cut from the budget requests. The cuts are on such projects as personnel training, heavy goods procurement, and non-urgent construction.

The Spokesman added that all ministries have been urged to manage their budget in line with the government’s problem-solving priority so that the allocations will give the maximum benefit to the country and the public.

BANGKOK, 10 July 2015 - The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) has issued a warning to the public, asking them not to fall easy prey to con-man claiming to be AMLO authorities.

The issuance of warning came in response to reports that a number of people have been tricked into losing millions of baht daily to a call center gang disguising itself as the AMLO. The bogus callers usually scare their victims by accusing them of being involved in drug crimes, and then order the victims to prove their innocence by transferring their money the gang’s account for verification of its origin.

According to the AMLO, people who fall prey to these tricksters are those who rarely follow news. The scam is rampant in Northern and Southern provinces as well as the vicinity of Bangkok. The agency advised those getting this type of telephone call to stay calm and then hang up immediately.

Anyone experiencing such an incident can call the AMLO’s 1710 hotline to inform officials.