BANGKOK, 17 September 2014  - Forensic pathologists from the Institute of Forensic Medicine are going to conduct an autopsy on two British tourists who have been recently murdered in the resort island of Koh Tao. Meanwhile, police have detained six Burmese workers who were suspected to be involved in the incident.

More than 100 police officers from Surat Thani province have searched through hotel rooms occupied by Burmese workers at an undisclosed resort where they found a pair of blood-stained jeans and four I-phones.

Police have detained six of the workers for interrogation and would conduct a DNA test on all of them. The authorities would also set up a war room to gather additional evidence for the case.

Deputy Royal Thai Police chief Pol. Gen. Somyot Poompanmuang has stated that the suspects were possibly Burmese workers based on the CCTV camera footage shown within the area. However, he suggested that only one of them was responsible for the murder.

Nonetheless, autopsy tests would be conducted by forensic pathologists at the Police General Hospital by today (September 17) to solve the case.

BANGKOK, 17 September 2014 – According to the Meteorological Department's daily weather forecast, more rain with some heavy falls, can be expected today and tomorrow, especially in the North and the Northeast regions of the country. 

BANGKOK, 16 September 2014 - Bangkok people are stepping forward with the “preparing for changes in Bangkok” project. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 15:31

PM Prayuth chairs first official cabinet meeting

BANGKOK, 16 September 2014 – Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha presided over the first official cabinet meeting today at Government House. 

NAKHON SI THAMMARAT, 16 September 2014 - The National Farmers Council has made known that it is prepared to set up Thailand’s first major rubber processing plant in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

BANGKOK, 16 September 2014 - More restaurants in the capital have expressed their interest in joining the campaign to provide inexpensive meals and drinks to Bangkok residents.

The campaign which is a joint collaboration between the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the Ministry of Commerce has already attracted over 1,000 restaurants and food shop owners.

The ministry has been supplying vendors with cooking material at discounted prices in a bid to assist participating restaurants. Vendors have provided meals priced within the range of 25-35 baht. The campaign is to help ease the pressure of the ever-increasing living expenses of residents in Bangkok.

The ministry has instructed food shops to maintain proper food standard and the BMA is also urged to further publicize the project on more media platforms.

The project is set to eventually expand throughout the capital and reach distant provinces.

BANGKOK, 16 September 2014 – The Ministry of Commerce has promised to mark the issues of cost of living, the management of rice stock, exports and border trade as matters to be addressed urgently.

Commerce Minister Sommai Phasi on Monday briefed ministry officials on his policy, which places emphasis on the country's economic foundation. The public must have access to precise information about the state's policy, he stressed. Each department under the ministry has also been assigned to establish a plan of operation and to clearly set the time frame for each affair.

The commerce minister also told ministry officials he will work to push this year's economic expansion to two percent.

Deputy Commerce Minister Chatchai Sarikanlaya also briefed Commerce officials of his policy, which involved synergy of work and lending support to the government's various policies. He also marked several issues as needing to be urgently tackled. These included the management of the existing 15-18 million tons of rice within the government's stockpile, the oversight on cost of living, exports and the augmentation of Thai entrepreneurs' capacity to compete. On the issue of cost of living, the deputy minister disclosed that sellers may be asked to keep item prices unchanged for a period. On the issue of exports, greater emphasis will be placed on border trade and more benefits will be sought from free trade agreements.

BANGKOK, 15 September 2014- The Ministry of Commerce has confirmed Thai rice exports to Africa have not been affected by the Ebola outbreak in the continent. 

PRACHINBURI, 15 September 2014  - Prachinburi province is slowly recovering from the flooding situation.

Prachinburi governor Jitra Phomchutima, Deputy governor Weerawut Putraserani, and the provincial public health and disaster prevention and mitigation officers brought along with them 40 relief packages and handed them over to residents in the province at the Tarn Lao temple, Noen Hom district after flash floods have devastated locals in the area.

The continuous rainfall has caused the water drainage process to run slowly and water is still almost remaining at the same level.

The governor visited locals and asked them to remain calm while the province is quickly finding measures to tackle the situation.

The amount of water in the area will decrease slowly if no rainfall occurs, but if it happens to rain again, the water level will continue to rise.

CHIANG RAI, 16 September 2014 - Chiang Rai police have arrested two Hmong villagers who belonged to a drug trafficking network within the area.

The authorities have seized a total of 240,000 amphetamine pills and a small amount of crystallized methamphetamine or “ya-ice” weighing about 0.7 kilograms.

30 year-old Ekkachai Saenhanchai and 46 year-old Suthi Boonnudi, both locals of Mae Sot district in Tak province, have been arrested by Chiang Rai police. The men were caught as they were driving a pick-up truck that was loaded with agricultural produce, which they have used to conceal the drugs beneath.

Meanwhile, Chiang Rai governor Pongsak Wongsamer along with other high-ranking police and Army officers spoke to the press that the amount of drug trafficking activities has been on the rise.

He also said that the two arrested suspects have been hired from another drug trafficking network in Suphanburi province.