BANGKOK - 01 June 2014 - The Army deputy Spokeperson Col Winthai Suwari has advised that the NCPO never planned to obstruct or cut off communications on "LINE". but they will be under the supervision of the ICT for any threads posted via social networking that cause people to violate the NCPO's rules or to commit any crime. However, the supervision will be focused only on certain individuals, with no impact on most people. "NCPO always respects the law and human rights and only necessary rules are enforced to have the least effect on the people" said the spokesperson.

Regarding the Thai Ambassador to the United Kingdom who was previously recalled home to report to The Office of the Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry has explained that it is a normal and appropriate summons with no hidden agenda and since the new assignment is not in the same ministry, the order must be placed by the NCPO.

BANGKOK, 1 June 2014 - Army Chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha says the process of reconciliation between political factions and reform will likely take about one year and after that a general election would be staged. 

Saturday, 31 May 2014 13:02

Vegetable prices reported to decrease

BANGKOK, 30 May 2014  – The Ministry of Commerce has reported that many vegetable prices have decreased, while the pork prices still remain stable. 

BANGKOK, 30 May 2014 – The Ministry of Energy has been granted approval by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) to raise the price of cooking gas by 50 satang per kilogram in June as planned.

ACM Prajin Juntong, Deputy NCPO Chief overseeing economic affairs, has met with executives of the Energy Ministry on the direction of energy price adjustments. During the talk, both sides agreed to further increase the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) price by another 50 satang a kilo on June 1. As a result, the price will be at 23.13 baht per kilo.

However, according to ACM Prajin, the NCPO will within the next two weeks set up a new committee for energy policy administration and a national energy policy committee, which will be responsible of studying differences in LPG prices in all regions of the country in order to hammer out a more effective price adjustment plan.

Following the previous Cabinet’s approval, the LPG price hike policy has been implemented by the Energy Ministry since September 2013. The policy targets to increase the cooking gas price by 50 satang per kilogram every month for 13 months or until it reaches 24.82 baht a kilo so as to reflect the actual production cost.

BANKOK, 30 April 2014 – The Ministry of Finance is proposing that the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) revives the tax exception policy, which had ended in 2012. The belief is that businesses still face problems from previous problems adjusting to debt structure.

Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary Rangsan Sriworasat talked about the tax exemption policy, saying that the adjustment of the debt structure helped people who once had debt and were able to pay it all back. This policy ended in 2012, however, and hasn’t been an extension to the policy.

The proposed policy will be sent to the NCPO for consideration. The Finance Ministry stressed that by approving the policy will benefit many businesses with financial problems so that they will be able to adjust their debt structure.

Mr. Rangsan believes that the policy should continue to be supported, and after consulting with the Ministry of Finance, a decree is now being written, and the policy will, if approved, be renewed year by year. In this preliminary stage, the Bank of Thailand supports the policy as well as the private sector.

The ministry truly believes that this policy will be able to revive the whole economy.

CHIANG MAI, 30 May 2014  – Since the military seized power in Thailand, tourism business has been affected in the short-term and it is hoped that foreign countries will come back later, according to Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce President Chalermchart Nakarunghul.

Mr. Chalermchart said that tourists would likely be alarmed with the coup d’etat, which normally is a violent occurrence in other countries' view, whereas the coup in Thailand has been bloodless thus far. He added that there are people who believe that the coup has effective this time when Thailand faced an otherwise critical political situation.

He also suggests that the junta also instantly resolve economic problems such as the rice mortgage scheme, which will benefit the overall Thai economy, and that they should move forward with the high speed rail and dual gauge project, which are also necessary for improved ASEAN economic connections in the future.

Saturday, 31 May 2014 12:56

SET Index closes the week positive

BANGKOK, 30 May 2014 – The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Index closed the week positive, and gained in the third session, closing at 1,415.73 while going as high as 1419.96 during the day.

Thailand’s SET Index overall went up 7.22 points, or 0.51%, on turnover of 61.48 billion baht.

The Bluechip SET50 Index closed at 952.20, up 3.54 points or 0.37%, accounting for 39.699 billion baht.

The MAI Index closed at 447.74, up 3.26 or 0.73%, accounting for 1.75 billion baht.

BANGKOK, 30 May 2014  - The Thai National Shippers Council (TNSC) was confident that Thailand’s export would grow by 3% this year. 

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, 30 May 2014 - Today, the Nakhon Ratchasima Public Health Office undertook special activities for 2014 World No Tobacco Day at the Save One Market.

There were four counseling booths set up by Theppharat Hospital, Pakthongchai Hospital, Chok Chai Hospital and St Mary's Hospital. There were counseling sessions to convince people to stop smoking, there was also a lecture on the Non-Smokers' Health Act and one on the dangers of tobacco.

The activities in the booths included a free health check, giving advice on stopping smoking and distribution of stickers with the "non-smoking area" symbol.

BANGKOK, 30 May 2014  – The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has issued a warning to those who are providing aid for protest groups to cease their action as it violates the NCPO’s order and is punishable by law.

The NCPO indicated that authorities had discovered several individuals who had breached the NCPO’s order by assisting or facilitating political activists in their activities. Many have reportedly allowed demonstrators to use their properties as gathering venues while others have supplied equipment, such as loudspeakers, tents and power generators.

Therefore, the NCPO declared that those individuals must discontinue their support for the protesters immediately; otherwise they would be faced with legal action and any lent equipment might also be confiscated.

In a previous announcement, the NCPO prohibited a gathering of five persons or more in a bid to maintain peace and order in the country and the penalty was clearly stated. Anyone supporting such gathering, meanwhile, would be given two-thirds of that penalty.

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