SONGKHLA, 29 August 2014 – The director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control Region 12, Songkhla has reiterated that the subordinated institutes should carry on Ebola Virus disease prevention measures.

The Ebola virus spreads to people by contact with the skin or bodily fluids of an infected animal. It spreads from human to human through the touching of blood, lymphs, mucus, or saliva of the infected patient.

60-90 percent of the infected patients die since there is no ebola virus-specific treatment that exists.

Thais who want to travel to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria are still allowed to but they are being strongly advised not to be in contact with infected patients, infectious excretion, patient’s wares or a dead body.

Those who have just departed from the above mentioned countries are suggested to pay close attention for possible symptoms and should see the doctor immediately within 21 days after finding abnormalities such as a fever, stomach muscle pain, vomiting or hematoma defecating.

PETCHABURI, 29 August 2014 - Cha-Am Mayor Nukul Pornsoomboonsiri revealed that the Cha-Am Municipality has imposed strict measures in order prevent speed boat operators from taking advantage of tourists.

The municipality now requires speed boat operators to clearly post their price charts stating the rental fees to prevent tourists from being overcharged. In addition, speed boat drivers who show rude or inappropriate behavior against tourists will face temporary suspension from providing boat services.

President of the Cha-Am Cruise Club Montree Meerit stated that its 125 members of speed boat operators would take great pains to see that tourists get a fair shake.

According to him, there are six main speed boat piers throughout the beach’s four kilometer stretch and each one of them will be closely monitored by a supervisor.

Tourists who are unfairly treated by speed boat drivers are urged to report directly to the pier station masters.

UDON THANI, 29 August 2014 – Udon Thani has won renewed fame, to add to its notoriety when CNN proclaimed the city's Bua Dang the second strangest lake in the world. This time, the region has staged the largest Thai dance, held to pay homage to Krom Luang Prajak Silapakom on January 18th, 2014. The huge occasion was attended by over 20,000 participants, thousands of whom joined a mass Thai dance. The Guinness Book of World Records has now confirmed it was the largest Thai dance, beating the previous record set in Chonburi, with 5,121 participants.

Mr. Seni Jitkasem, the Governor of Udon Thani, revealed that on January 18th, they organized an event to celebrate the 121st year of Udon Thani's founding, and to pay homage to Krom Luang Prajak Silapakom, who established the city. Thousands of people participated on the day as members of the audience or as dancers in the event at Krom Luang Prajak Silapakom Ground, in front of the Rajabhat Udon Thani University. Representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records were present as well. 5,121 participants were expected to join the dance; however, the number increased to 5,255. Participants in the dance had to wear the same traditional costume and dance in the same traditional pattern.

The Udon Thani Governor has confirmed the good news saying that on August 11th, 2014, the Guinness World Records confirmed that the January 18th dance achieved a record for the largest Thai dance in the world, consisting of 5,255 participants.

BANGKOK, 28 August 2014  – Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has expressed concerns over the risk of flooding in the country during this period and instructed military units to be ready to lend a hand to those affected. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014 10:36

More NLA members resign from their posts

BANGKOK, 28 August 2014 – The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has insisted that the resignation of their members will not affect the body’s operations and responsibilities. 

BANGKOK, 28 August 2014  – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is considering adopting some measures to maximize tourism revenue, including extending visitors’ visa stay, as this year’s earning is likely to be lower than targeted.

TAT Governor Thawatchai Aranyik estimated that Thailand’s income from tourism this year will miss its 2.2-trillion-baht target, accumulating to 1.9 trillion baht, divided into 705 billion baht from foreigners and 1.2 trillion baht from locals. At the same time, the number of foreign visitors could be about 25.5 million, a drop of 3.34 percent compared to the goal of 28 million.

Therefore, the Governor revealed that the TAT is preparing to propose a range of tourism stimulus measures to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for consideration. One of the measures is the doubling of stay for tourist visa holders which would, for example, allow European tourists to remain in the Kingdom for as long as 60 days, as opposed to the current 30-day limit.

The TAT will also seek to maintain the visa fee waiver for Chinese and Taiwanese passport holders for a bit longer. Mr Thawatchai pointed out that Thailand needs to step up its game after many countries, especially Japan, have already exempted visa fees for visitors, leading to a fiercer competition.

The TAT Governor added that Thailand’s newest tourism campaign promoting the Thai ways of living will be introduced at the World Travel Mart 2014 in London, England this November while its official domestic launch is scheduled in January next year. The campaign is expected to help bring the country closer to its tourism revenue target of 2.2 trillion baht a year.

BANGKOK, 28 August 2014 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand’s chairman believes that the Thai stocks as a whole would improve by leaps next year, thanks to the formation of a new government.

Newly appointed chairman for the SET Sathit Limpongpan stated that the profit margin of all SET-listed companies is expected to increase by 12-13 percent in 2015, higher than this year’s growth at 9 percent.

According to the chairman, Thailand’s economy would expand as a result of government policies to invest in mega infrastructure projects. For this reason, it would continue to draw a number of investors into the emerging markets.

He further stated that the new administration has fulfilled its promises by taking action in carrying out economic stimulus measures, and that the gradually recovering global economy would improve Thailand’s overall economic sentiment.

RAYONG, 27 August 2014  -The Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched the Five Regions Thai Travel Fest @ Rayong. Renowned products from all over Thailand are presented at the event. The festival is expected to enhance tourism between regions in Thailand.

The Deputy Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mr Anupap Theerarat was the guest of honor at the opening ceremony of the Five Regions Thai Travel Fest @ Rayong, held in the Rayong district. The event presented activities to enhance Thailand tourism and was an opportunity for a meeting between tourism entrepreneurs, regional government representatives and the people of Rayong. The event also offers several shows and a display of OTOP products from five regions of Thailand.

Five Regions Thai Travel Fest @ Rayong was launched to enhance tourism between regions, emphasize the identity of each region and create cooperation in the tourism sector.

BANGKOK, 27 August 2014 - The NSTDA in cooperation with the Pollution Control Department has conducted a study on ecologically friendly production, consumption and services, and has committed to a plan to purchase or hire only ecologically friendly products and services.

Dr Taweesak Kor-anantakul, Director of the NSTDA, Ministry of Science and Technology revealed that due to unbalanced demand and supply of environmental resources, NSTDA in cooperation with the Pollution Control Department conducted a study on pollution prevention technology and sustainable production, to create ecologically friendly consumption and services in Thailand. The study was expected to help in balancing the environmental system and economic stability. The Ministry of Science and Technology has also instigated a plan to purchase or hire only ecologically friendly products and services and expects that the plan will change production and consumption behavior in the country in a good way.

BANGKOK, 28 August 2014 – Export growth turned negative in the month of July, due to reduction in shipments of fuel, gold and rubber.

Ms. Duangkamon Chiembut, the deputy director-general of the Department of International Trade Promotion, said exports totaled 18.896 billion baht in July – a decline of 0.85% from the same period of last year. The negative growth contrasted with the 3.9% expansion in the month of June.

Ms. Duangkamon attributed the lower global demand for gold as investment to the recovery of the United States' economy, and the lessened demand for ore and fuel to the the slow-down of the Chinese economy. Exports of ore, fuel and gold, which account for 6% of all exports, dropped by 34.26%. Agricultural exports also declined in July.

Ms. Duangkamon said, however, that the Commerce Ministry remains confident of positive growth of exports this year. Trading partners are expected to import more goods from Thailand starting in August thanks to the year-end festivities.

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