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BANGKOK, 25 July 2014  – The Tourism Authority of Thailand signed a memorandum of understanding with the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) on Thursday, to create low-cost insurance schemes for foreign tourists that start at just 650 baht per person. 
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Businesses in five fashion trade zones being fostered by DIP http://pattayamail.com/business/businesses-in-five-fashion-trade-zones-being-fostered-by-dip-39862 http://pattayamail.com/business/businesses-in-five-fashion-trade-zones-being-fostered-by-dip-39862 BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 – The Department of Industrial Promotion is pushing for the development of five fashion items trading areas as part of its drive to make Thailand an ASEAN fashion hub. Department director-general Onrachaka Sibunrueang on Wednesday expressed…]]> Business Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:34:59 +0000 Hat Yai tourism revitalized as Hari Raya festivities draw closer http://pattayamail.com/business/hat-yai-tourism-revitalized-as-hari-raya-festivities-draw-closer-39861 http://pattayamail.com/business/hat-yai-tourism-revitalized-as-hari-raya-festivities-draw-closer-39861 SONGKHLA, 24 July 2014  – Tourism in the southern commercial heartland of Hat Yai has reportedly picked up up as the end of the Ramadan month draws near. Meanwhile, bookings by Malaysian tourists have helped hotels pocket more income. With…]]> Business Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:33:35 +0000 Private Sector confidence rises after the Provisional Charter royally endorsed http://pattayamail.com/business/private-sector-confidence-rises-after-the-provisional-charter-royally-endorsed-39860 http://pattayamail.com/business/private-sector-confidence-rises-after-the-provisional-charter-royally-endorsed-39860 BANGKOK, 24 July 2014, - The private sector’s confidence in the political sector has greatly improved, thanks to the provisional charter , says the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). According to the FTI, the implementation of the temporary constitution will…]]> Business Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:32:11 +0000 Commerce to propose resuming rice sale next month http://pattayamail.com/business/commerce-to-propose-resuming-rice-sale-next-month-39859 http://pattayamail.com/business/commerce-to-propose-resuming-rice-sale-next-month-39859 BANGKOK, 24 July 2014, - The Commerce Ministry yesterday said it propose that the Rice Policy Committee allow the Ministry to resume its plan to sell about 500,000 tons of stockpiled rice monthly through all available channels, beginning next month. ]]> Business Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:30:18 +0000 Auto industry sales rate increases in June http://pattayamail.com/business/auto-industry-sales-rate-increases-in-june-39858 http://pattayamail.com/business/auto-industry-sales-rate-increases-in-june-39858 Auto industry sales rate increases in June
BANGKOK, 23 July 2014 – An auto industry group has revealed that the automotive industry domestic export rate in June 2014 has grew more than in the early months of the year. 
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Special Report: NCPO gives opportunities to all sectors to express opinions for reform http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-ncpo-gives-opportunities-to-all-sectors-to-express-opinions-for-reform-39855 http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-ncpo-gives-opportunities-to-all-sectors-to-express-opinions-for-reform-39855 Special Report: NCPO gives opportunities to all sectors to express opinions for reform
The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has provided opportunities for citizens in every sector of Thai society to express their opinions, as a starting point for national reconciliation and reform. 
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Princess Srirasm monitors the progress of royal breastfeeding promotion project http://pattayamail.com/news/princess-srirasm-monitors-the-progress-of-royal-breastfeeding-promotion-project-39854 http://pattayamail.com/news/princess-srirasm-monitors-the-progress-of-royal-breastfeeding-promotion-project-39854 Princess Srirasm monitors the progress of royal breastfeeding promotion project
BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 - About 73.6 percent of mothers in Tambon Baan Phue, Jom Phra District, Surin Province, have been feeding their babies with breast milk for the first six months of birth. The rate is an outstanding rise…
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Singapore voices support for NCPO’s country reform plan http://pattayamail.com/news/singapore-voices-support-for-ncpo-s-country-reform-plan-39853 http://pattayamail.com/news/singapore-voices-support-for-ncpo-s-country-reform-plan-39853 BANGKOK, 24 July 2014 – Singapore has expressed its support for the reform plan of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), while showing its willingness to cooperate with Thailand in all aspects of development. As a special guest…]]> Latest News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:08:45 +0000 Yingluck departs Thailand for her scheduled Europe trip http://pattayamail.com/news/yingluck-departs-thailand-for-her-scheduled-europe-trip-39852 http://pattayamail.com/news/yingluck-departs-thailand-for-her-scheduled-europe-trip-39852 BANGKOK, 24 July 2014  - Former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was seen with her son at the Suvarnabhumi Airport last night, while bringing along 11 pieces of luggage with her to head for France as part of her European trip…]]> Latest News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:07:23 +0000 New pier opened in Nong Khai to facilitate vessels on Mekong River http://pattayamail.com/news/new-pier-opened-in-nong-khai-to-facilitate-vessels-on-mekong-river-39851 http://pattayamail.com/news/new-pier-opened-in-nong-khai-to-facilitate-vessels-on-mekong-river-39851 NONG KHAI, 24 July 2014 – A new pier for vessels on the Mekong River has been opened in Nong Khai province's Mueang district to facilitate freight. On Wednesday, Mueang district permanent secretary Wirot Uthumphok chaired the opening ceremony for…]]> Latest News Thu, 24 Jul 2014 10:05:13 +0000 Chiang Mai Botanical Garden allowing free entry to students in August http://pattayamail.com/news/chiang-mai-botanical-garden-allowing-free-entry-to-students-in-august-39850 http://pattayamail.com/news/chiang-mai-botanical-garden-allowing-free-entry-to-students-in-august-39850 Chiang Mai Botanical Garden allowing free entry to students in August
CHIANG MAI, 23 July 2014 – The Botanical Garden Organization will allow students from institutions nationwide to visit the botanical gardens for free in honor of the occasion of the Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on 12 August 2014.…
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Situation in haze-stricken Yala improves http://pattayamail.com/news/situation-in-haze-stricken-yala-improves-39752 http://pattayamail.com/news/situation-in-haze-stricken-yala-improves-39752 YALA, 23 July 2014 -The situation in haze-stricken areas continues to improve with no areas registering an unhealthy Air Pollutant Index. Haze from forest fires on Indonesia's Sumatra Island has moved over Thailand's lower Southern Region.The haze has drifted over…]]> Latest News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:16:44 +0000 Ayuthaya to eradicate water hyacinth in its waterways http://pattayamail.com/news/ayuthaya-to-eradicate-water-hyacinth-in-its-waterways-39751 http://pattayamail.com/news/ayuthaya-to-eradicate-water-hyacinth-in-its-waterways-39751 AYUTHAYA, 23 July 2014  -- The central province of Ayuthaya has launched an operation to remove water hyacinth and other water weeds from four rivers and 17 canals that go through the city. Deputy governor Panya Srathong-une said currently Ayuthaya's…]]> Latest News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:15:16 +0000 Medicine Cupboards Project launched http://pattayamail.com/news/medicine-cupboards-project-launched-39750 http://pattayamail.com/news/medicine-cupboards-project-launched-39750 BANGKOK, 23 July 2014 - A project called Medicine Cupboards for Children in the Southern Border Provinces has been introduced at the Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park), Central World Plaza in Pathumwan District, Bangkok. Presiding over the opening ceremony of…]]> Latest News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:14:00 +0000 Princess Maha Chakri leads Chulachomklao Military Academy cadets to Kolkata http://pattayamail.com/news/princess-maha-chakri-leads-chulachomklao-military-academy-cadets-to-kolkata-39749 http://pattayamail.com/news/princess-maha-chakri-leads-chulachomklao-military-academy-cadets-to-kolkata-39749 BANGKOK, 23 July 2014  - HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has led fourth-year cadets of the Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy on a visit to Kolkata, Republic of India. Her Royal Highness left Bangkok yesterday (July 22) amidst a large number…]]> Latest News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:12:06 +0000 Special Report: “Reconciliation Festival” being held at Sanam Luang until July 27 http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-reconciliation-festival-being-held-at-sanam-luang-until-july-27-39748 http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-reconciliation-festival-being-held-at-sanam-luang-until-july-27-39748 Special Report: “Reconciliation Festival” being held at Sanam Luang until July 27
The public and private sectors are joining hands in organizing a “Reconciliation Festival” to return happiness to the people and promote national reconciliation. 
Latest News Wed, 23 Jul 2014 09:06:36 +0000
King grants interim constitution http://pattayamail.com/news/king-grants-interim-constitution-39747 http://pattayamail.com/news/king-grants-interim-constitution-39747 King grants interim constitution
PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN, 22 July 2014 - His Majesty the King on July 22nd granted an audience to General Prayuth Chan-ocha, Head of the National Council for Peace and Order, to grant him the Provisional Constitution of the Kingdom of…
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9,074 new positions opened by Public Health Ministry http://pattayamail.com/business/9-074-new-positions-opened-by-public-health-ministry-39742 http://pattayamail.com/business/9-074-new-positions-opened-by-public-health-ministry-39742 9,074 new positions opened by Public Health Ministry
BANGKOK, 23July 2014 - Yesterday (22nd July 2014) at the National Council for Peace and Order's (NCPO) 7th weekly meeting, it was confirmed that the committee had agreed to the Public Health Ministry's request for 9,074 new positions for government…
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Loan sharking and debt: A vicious cycle in Thailand with no foreseeable solutions http://pattayamail.com/business/loan-sharking-and-debt-a-vicious-cycle-in-thailand-with-no-foreseeable-solutions-39741 http://pattayamail.com/business/loan-sharking-and-debt-a-vicious-cycle-in-thailand-with-no-foreseeable-solutions-39741 BANGKOK, 23 July 2014  - Household debt problems in Thailand are starting to have a serious impact on the economy, resulting in more and more people having to turn to loan sharks to make ends meet. For this reason, the…]]> Business Wed, 23 Jul 2014 08:46:31 +0000