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BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - The Commerce Minister has instructed all related offices across the country to make sure that goods prices remain affordable for consumers in order to help keep their cost of living in control. 
Business Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:08:50 +0000
Public prosecutors unfazed by retraction of confession in British tourists’ killing http://pattayamail.com/news/public-prosecutors-unfazed-by-retraction-of-confession-in-british-tourists-killing-42242 http://pattayamail.com/news/public-prosecutors-unfazed-by-retraction-of-confession-in-british-tourists-killing-42242 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - Public prosecutors are not worried that the suspects accused of killing two British tourists have retracted their earlier confession to the crime. Regional Public Prosecution 8 deputy director-general Thawatchai Siangjaew said that the retraction of…]]> Latest News Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:07:41 +0000 Industry minister confident of measures to boost rubber price http://pattayamail.com/business/industry-minister-confident-of-measures-to-boost-rubber-price-42241 http://pattayamail.com/business/industry-minister-confident-of-measures-to-boost-rubber-price-42241 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - Industry Minister Chakramon Phasukvanich on Wednesday expressed confidence that the government's short- and long-term measures to address the low rubber price will be successful. Mr. Chakramon said that the government will be removing excess rubber…]]> Business Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:06:16 +0000 SET says foreign investors confident in Thai economy in the long term http://pattayamail.com/business/set-says-foreign-investors-confident-in-thai-economy-in-the-long-term-42240 http://pattayamail.com/business/set-says-foreign-investors-confident-in-thai-economy-in-the-long-term-42240 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - Foreign investors are still confident in the Thai economy in the long run, according to Stock Exchange of Thailand President Kesara Manchusree. Ms. Kesara said on Wednesday that foreign investors will be returning to invest…]]> Business Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:05:01 +0000 A nurse from Botswana honored with Princess Srinagarindra Award 2014 http://pattayamail.com/news/a-nurse-from-botswana-honored-with-princess-srinagarindra-award-2014-42239 http://pattayamail.com/news/a-nurse-from-botswana-honored-with-princess-srinagarindra-award-2014-42239 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on Wednesday (October 22) presided over the ceremony of presenting the Princess Srinagarindra Award 2014 to Prof. Dr. Shiela Dinotshe Tlou, at the Moon Satharn Borom Ard Throne…]]> Latest News Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:03:42 +0000 Wreath-laying in remembrance of fallen Thai soldiers in Korean War http://pattayamail.com/news/wreath-laying-in-remembrance-of-fallen-thai-soldiers-in-korean-war-42238 http://pattayamail.com/news/wreath-laying-in-remembrance-of-fallen-thai-soldiers-in-korean-war-42238 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - His Majesty the King on October 22 designated Air Chief Marshal Chalit Pukbhasuk, a Privy Councilor, to represent him at the wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the Korean War Veterans Day. The ceremony was held…]]> Latest News Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:02:30 +0000 Rains expected throughout the country during Oct 23-24 http://pattayamail.com/travel/rains-expected-throughout-the-country-during-oct-23-24-42237 http://pattayamail.com/travel/rains-expected-throughout-the-country-during-oct-23-24-42237 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 - The Meteorological Department has forecasted more rainfall throughout the northern and northeastern regions from October 23-24. A high-pressure cell coming in from southern China and a western trough has covered parts of the upper northeastern…]]> Travel & Tourism Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:01:26 +0000 Thai tourism services poised to be improved before the AEC http://pattayamail.com/business/thai-tourism-services-poised-to-be-improved-before-the-aec-42236 http://pattayamail.com/business/thai-tourism-services-poised-to-be-improved-before-the-aec-42236 BANGKOK, 23 October 2014 The Ministry of Tourism and Sports is now aiming to improve tourism services before the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) next year. The ministry has also sought cooperation from the government sector and tourism…]]> Business Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:00:15 +0000 Drought season affects several rice paddies in Phichit and Khon Kaen http://pattayamail.com/business/drought-season-affects-several-rice-paddies-in-phichit-and-khon-kaen-42235 http://pattayamail.com/business/drought-season-affects-several-rice-paddies-in-phichit-and-khon-kaen-42235 PHICHIT, 23 October 2014 - The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) in Phichit province has sent a representative to inform rice farmers regarding the department’s decision to stop distributing water to farmers living along the banks of the Chao Phraya River…]]> Business Thu, 23 Oct 2014 06:59:03 +0000 BMA to station health staff at Don Muang Airport to detect Ebola http://pattayamail.com/news/bma-to-station-health-staff-at-don-muang-airport-to-detect-ebola-42154 http://pattayamail.com/news/bma-to-station-health-staff-at-don-muang-airport-to-detect-ebola-42154 BANGKOK, 21 October 2014 - The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) plans to impose its health officials at Don Muang Airport to detect Ebola cases. In a proactive move against Ebola spread, Governor of Bangkok M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra has signed a…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:59:11 +0000 Special Report: Student Police program fosters bonds between Thailand and ASEAN http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-student-police-program-fosters-bonds-between-thailand-and-asean-42153 http://pattayamail.com/news/special-report-student-police-program-fosters-bonds-between-thailand-and-asean-42153 Special Report: Student Police program fosters bonds between Thailand and ASEAN
BANGKOK, 21 October 2014 - At present the education standards of Thailand's Royal Police Cadet Academy place it among a number of Thai institutes that have established a reputation for the high quality of their teaching methods, which has led…
Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:53:19 +0000
NRC speaker-elect promises to promote public input on reform matters http://pattayamail.com/news/nrc-speaker-elect-promises-to-promote-public-input-on-reform-matters-42152 http://pattayamail.com/news/nrc-speaker-elect-promises-to-promote-public-input-on-reform-matters-42152 NRC speaker-elect promises to promote public input on reform matters
BANGKOK, 22 October 2014  - National Reform Council speaker-elect Thienchay Kiranan promised on Tuesday to heed the voices of the public as he facilitates the NRC's work to reform the country in all aspects. 
Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:50:54 +0000
Mounted patrol re-introduced around Grand Palace http://pattayamail.com/news/mounted-patrol-re-introduced-around-grand-palace-42151 http://pattayamail.com/news/mounted-patrol-re-introduced-around-grand-palace-42151 BANGKOK, 22 October 2014  Authorities in Bangkok have brought back mounted patrol units to help boost security at important tourism spots in the capital city. The mounted patrol is a joint collaboration between the Army's 29th Cavalry Battalion and the…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:49:50 +0000 King Bhumibol congratulates new Indonesian leader http://pattayamail.com/news/king-bhumibol-congratulates-new-indonesian-leader-42150 http://pattayamail.com/news/king-bhumibol-congratulates-new-indonesian-leader-42150 BANGKOK, 22 October 2014 - His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej sent on October 20 a message of congratulations to Mr. Joko Widodo on the occasion of his swearing in as President of the Republic of Indonesia. In the royal message…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:48:51 +0000 Consumer research: Europeans not revise planned visits to Thailand despite Koh Tao murders http://pattayamail.com/news/consumer-research-europeans-not-revise-planned-visits-to-thailand-despite-koh-tao-murders-42149 http://pattayamail.com/news/consumer-research-europeans-not-revise-planned-visits-to-thailand-despite-koh-tao-murders-42149 BANGKOK, 22 October 2014 - Most Europeans who have plans to visit Thailand do not rethink their visits after the murders of the two British tourists on Koh Tao, according to consumer research firm Envirosell. The New York-based firm carried…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:47:40 +0000 BOT confident that Thailand would not face economic stagnation http://pattayamail.com/business/bot-confident-that-thailand-would-not-face-economic-stagnation-42148 http://pattayamail.com/business/bot-confident-that-thailand-would-not-face-economic-stagnation-42148 BOT confident that Thailand would not face economic stagnation
BANGKOK, 22 October 2014 - The Bank of Thailand (BOT) stated that even though the nation’s economy has already passed the recession stage, it is still at a critical turning point before it could make a full recovery. 
Business Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:45:04 +0000
BAAC disburses payments to help rice farmers in Surin http://pattayamail.com/news/baac-disburses-payments-to-help-rice-farmers-in-surin-42147 http://pattayamail.com/news/baac-disburses-payments-to-help-rice-farmers-in-surin-42147 BANGKOK, 22 October 2014  The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) in Surin province have dispatched officials to investigate farmers who have registered for the government’s rice-subsidy program, to ensure that the money has not reached the wrong hands.…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:44:08 +0000 NRC members are not obligated to declare their assets http://pattayamail.com/news/nrc-members-are-not-obligated-to-declare-their-assets-42146 http://pattayamail.com/news/nrc-members-are-not-obligated-to-declare-their-assets-42146 BANGKOK, 22 October 2014 - The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) said National Reform Council (NRC) members do not have to expose their assets to the public. According to the report, the NACC has indicated that the NRC members are not…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:43:02 +0000 Bodies of Korean tourists found after boat crash http://pattayamail.com/news/bodies-of-korean-tourists-found-after-boat-crash-42145 http://pattayamail.com/news/bodies-of-korean-tourists-found-after-boat-crash-42145 KRABI, 22 October 2014 -  Maritime police have found the bodies of the two missing South Korean tourists yesterday following a speedboat crash that led to their deaths. The bodies of Sun Yang, 28, and Go Min Woo, 31, were…]]> Latest News Wed, 22 Oct 2014 07:41:56 +0000