25 finalists selected in Yamaha Pattaya Young Talent contest

Friday, 21 February 2014 From Issue Vol. XXII No. 8

The area’s most talented children and teenagers sang more brilliantly than the Pattaya sun over two days of competition to see who would make the finals of this month’s Yamaha Pattaya Young Talent contest.

The contest, sponsored by the Yamaha Music Institute and the Tiffany Show, saw youngsters compete at Central Festival Pattaya Beach in five categories Feb. 9 in hopes of winning the HRH Princess Soamsawalee trophy, cash, discounts and singing lessons from Siam Kolkarn Music.

Last year’s winning band Lonely Park plays “Killing in the name of” by “Rage against the machine” to close out this year’s regional semi-finals at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.Last year’s winning band Lonely Park plays “Killing in the name of” by “Rage against the machine” to close out this year’s regional semi-finals at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

The judges panel included Suparak Sirisakdanusorn, liberal arts professor at Kasetsart University, Tirasin Sagneimsri, a band and music graduate of Mahidol University and Kidayut Prompoj, of the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles.

The judges chose five finalists in the following categories: Thai country music for children under 12 and for teens, modern Thai and international songs for the same age groups, and bands.

The under-12 Thai Country Music semi-finalists were Natcha Pantong with the song “Prostrate Granny Mo”; Suratwadee Nontasak with the song “Siam City of Smiles”; Saisuda Phuetpakwan with the song “Stabbed from Behind”; Natanit Sukpanich with the song “Not Long to be Forgotten”; and Naraporn Seualong with the song “Keep it with the Earth”.

The under-12 semi-finalists in the Thai/international category were Yuri Nagayama with the song “Lonely”; Wiewarinya Boonkeb with the song “The More I Know, the More I Love You”; Saksarutcha Boonkeb with the song “Greatest Love of All”; Natanan Ubpawat with the song “Breeze”; and Ploynapas Khuhatong with the song “Skyfall”.

For the teen country music category, semi-finalists were Chaowan Chusang with the song “Charm of Country Folks”; Jarasrawee Tiemrath with the song “Following the Traces of Wooden Stick”; Natakarn Badarn with the song “Grave of Broken Hearts”; Suthirat Sanaulam with the song “Buddha Tuad Stepped on the Heart”; and Pakornsin Pakpol with the song “Lucky Spell”.

Teen semi-finalists in the Thai/international category were Aishwarya Suresh with the song “Wings”; Thawanthai Kongsumrit with the song “Bloodstream”; Pimchanok Na Nakorn with the song “Wrecking Ball”; Patompong Somsuk with the song “At Last”; and Samantha Tranicotes with the song “Titanium”.

The five band semi-finalists were Poh Kab Tuk Tuk with “Enter Sandman” and “Rolling in the Deep”; Penniless Rider with “Divers” and “Nightmare”; Prik Wan with “Gnay Gern Pai” and “Wad Jai”; Cut To with “Kon Diow” and “Tosakan Mana”; and Box in Shame with “My Heart Will Go On” and “Black in Black”.

The finalists will complete March 16 at Central Festival. Winners receive trophies from HRH Princess Soamsawalee, prize money and more. They also will get to meet music star Bee Pirapat. The show starts at 8 a.m. with tickets costing 300-500 baht. For more information, see PattayaFahmai.com.

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